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The wait is over.

I've been inactive for almost 3 months, but it was worth every minute spent on this.

I've always wanted to write something in the criminal/mafia area, because of how action-packed the ones on Wattpad always are. I normally limited myself due to my crazy anxiety, but recently, I've gotten the push to publish and make my story come to life.

There are many books, creators, and friends of whom I want to thank, but I can't mention all of them. Some know me personally, and some have never even heard of me. None the less, I'm still thankful for them.

As you might have read in the description, I found this on This person had written one chapter, but never finished the rest. I honestly wouldn't have started writing this without that prompt, so I thank them.

I thank all the Nalu Mafia books out there. Your action packed books gave me the inspiration to make something that was completely new to me, and I thank you for introducing me to this new experience.

I also have to thank skylarPVP . This. Lady. Would. Not. Stop. Harassing. Me. To. Finish!!!!

As annoying as it was, I'm glad she did it. It really helped me with keeping in touch with this story, and not abandoning it and letting it go to waste. So yeah, if you see this Skylar, (which you probably will) thanks for being the annoying prick that you are. Ly sis. <3

Last but most definitely not least, I have to thank the viewers (you!) for putting up with this stupid rant/dedication and supporting this book. (I'm serious if you actually read this whole thing you have all my uwu's ❤️) . The voters, the commenters (if I get any lmao), make my day and I'm so grateful.

Also I'm sorry if my tone is fake, I'm actually genuine but I have a hard way of communicating that. 😅

Now, enough with the sappy bs, you guys have a story to read!

This book has been planned in school bathrooms, loud subways, national museums, creepy basements, sleepless sleepovers, concert halls, sports arenas, comfortable bedrooms, and more. (Side note: I even pulled an all-nighter finishing the last 4 chapters. I was sleep deprived for like 36 hours, but it's fine!)

So now, from my device to yours, I introduce to you;

The Mafia Boyfriend

Enjoy :)


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