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"Luce, babe I'm home!" 

Natsu shouted coming home at 2:00 in the morning expecting his 19 year old girlfriend to be asleep but instead found her waiting on the couch in the living room. Lucy Heartfillia is her name. She had graduated from college with her masters at the age of 18. She had a steady job at a Newspaper office for about a year and made $ 700 dollars a week. She was smart. She always had the best headlines when she was younger, so Natsu wasn't surprised. People only ever bought the paper to read her articles. Lucy was also in the process of writing her own novel, however none of which works were under her actual name. 

One thing people know is that Lucy is drop dead gorgeous. Her long golden hair that stopped below her tiny waist. Her warm chocolate drop eyes. Her soft pink lips. Her gigantic chest. Her round butt. Her creamy thighs. Her small feet. Her thin arms. Her button nose. The way her height only came up to around Natsu's shoulders because she was 5'4. She was beautiful. Lucy was also a know it all. There was no use arguing with her because she would always win. The only thing she didn't know is that her 20 year old boyfriend was one of the 4 leaders of the fearsome mafia known as Fairy Tail.

 "Why are you home so late?" she asked with a irritated and clearly tired face. 

"I was drinking with Gajeel, Gray, and Jellal." Natsu replied walking past her.  

"Till two in the morning?" She qustioned while following the pink haired man with crossed arms. "Yes." He answered while pulling a water bottle out of they're fridge. "But this is the fourth time Natsu." She added while following him up to the bedroom, where her boyfriend proceeded to take his shirt off and throw it in the hamper. 

"Look. Lucy could you please stop interrogating me every time I come home." He said not wanting to tell her where he has really been. "Maybe when you start coming home on time." Lucy said while rolling her eyes and walking off. Once the girls foot steps had completely disappeared Natsu pulled the loaded black object out his pocket and slid it in his bedside drawer. He then quickly laid down in bed when he heard Lucy's footsteps approaching. Seconds later he saw Lucy walk back inside they're room with they're cat named Happy in her arms.

He could tell by the way that her eyes passed over him as she looked around the room that she was ignoring him. Natsu took in a deep sigh before his following actions. Out of nowhere he quickly grabbed Happy from her hands and gently placed him on to the floor. After he swiftly grabbed her by her waist and pulled her in to the space next to him on the bed, he switched off the light, and pulled her in close to his chest. "I'm sorry Lucy. I'll try harder I swear." He whispered in to her ear. Lucy didn't say a word. All she did was go up a little and kiss his lips. 

The kiss only lasted for a few seconds before she broke away and spoke. "So where were you really?.." She asked while raising an eyebrow. " What?!" He questioned shocked that she knew he wasn't really out drinking, but then again this was Lucy he was talking about... " If you really were out drinking, when I kissed you I should have been able to taste the achohol on your lips." She responded knowingly. " Well only Gajeel and Gray drank, they needed someone to drive them home." He answered calmly. After becoming one of the leaders of the Mafia he just naturally became a better liar. Minutes later Lucy was asleep and Natsu found himself still awake, texting one of his mafia members about upcoming events...

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