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"Are we there yet?"

"Heh, almost Luce."

We had been driving for almost an hour when I finally pulled up to the location. Lucy gasps.

"No way."

"Yes way."

"Natsu you didn't..."

"But I did. It's the exact place we had our first date."

"I-I know, but..."

"Shh, I did this for you." I get out of the car and go to her side and open her door. I bow playfully. "After you, m'lady." She giggles and takes my hand. "With pleasure."

We walk into the restaurant and get our table, which I reserved an hour prior. It was a small vintage italian restaurant, but it held so many memories for us. The memories of her sneaking out of her mansion to go on dates with me, and me sneaking away from my now late father to go see Lucy instead of doing mafia work. It was the good old days, before everything crashed. Before Lucy's father started demanding more and pressuring her, and before my Dad was murdered. That was why we treasured the place so much.

"I just noticed, this is the same table we sat at before." I raise an eyebrow at Lucy. "Really? How'd you know?"

"It was the one in the corner. It was the only one that faced a brick wall, and we'd always joke about how pointless it was adding a window here, seeing as it's just a brick wall." Lucy gazes at the window. "Yeah, I remeber. That's why we loved this table so much." I smile. "You remebered?" Lucy questions. "How could I not?" Lucy blushes slightly. "Awh, did I make you flustered?" I tease Lucy. "S-shut up!" She pouts.

"I love you." I grin

"You Jerk... I love you too."


After eating and teasing, we both hop in the car, heading to a different spot. "Natsu? The exit home is the other way..." Lucy notices. "It's just a small short cut. Trust me on this one, k?" Lucy pauses, thinking it over in her head. "Okay, but make it quick please! It's getting dark outside...." Lucy requests.

"Hehe... maybe."

"Natsu!" Lucy playfully hits my arm.

"Alright, Alright. I'll try."

"Thank you."

"To get home before 12am."



Lucy's POV

We reach a park that's decently lit up. Natsu, however, takes me off the lit trail. "Where are we..... wait a minute..." I recognize the shape of the dimly lit pond. "Lake Celeste. Don't you remember?" Natsu mocks me. "Wow, it looks the same as it did 6 years ago...." I look at the moonlit body of water. "It's probably just as fun too." Natsu smirks. "Natsu.. no." I shake my head. "Yes." He grins. "B-but my outfit would get wet.. And we don't know what's in the water..." I try to reason with Natsu. "Luce... you and I both know that this water has been abandoned for years, there's no life in it. And besides, that's what skinny dipping is for." Natsu takes his shirt and pants off. He then runs and jumps into the water.

I sit down and pout at his childlike personality. Who did he think he was? Because he surely wasn't invincible. He could get pneumonia or worse! It's the little things he seems to not realize or understand.

As I'm cursing Natsu for his recklessness, I notice that he hasn't come up for air in awhile. "Natsu?" There's no response. "Natsu this isn't funny!" I see bubbles float up and I start to get worried.

I peer over, looking frantically for him. "Natsu? Natsu!" I take off my romper and my jean jacket and look back over the pond again. I then cross my arms and sit at the bank. "I know your there, Natsu" He comes to the surface. "Awh Man, I thought I could hide." He pouts. He then hops out and sits next to me, grinning evilly at me. I give him a confusing glare before I realize what he's about to do.

I try to run, but its to late. He picks me up bridal style and runs towards the water. I squeal as we hit the water.

We both come up and I move the water out of my face. "My makeup is definitely ruined now... oh well." I shrug before attacking Natsu. "It's payback time!"

"You have to catch me first!"

"We'll see about that, mister!"


After hours of swimming and playing, we find ourselves lying on the soft grass, trying to dry off while looking at the stars. Natsu doesn't know a lot about them, but I'm pointing them out to him.

"And that's Aquarius. It was my Mother and I's favorite constellation." I point. "That's the only one I do know, you talk about it every time we go outside late at night." Natsu points out. I pout. "I... Well.. it's just a habit okay!" I get flustered. "I never said it was a bad thing, it's pretty nice.. actually.." Natsu admits. I let out a sigh. "You know Natsu, you're the only one who could make me flustered like this."

"I know.." He grins. "And I hope I'm the only one..." I turn the him. "Natsu?"

"Luce, I...." He sits up and puts his head in his hands. "Ugh, it's so hard to talk to you right now!" He groans in frustration. "Just describe how you feel." I sit up. "I know that's easy, even for you..." I joke lightly. Natsu chuckles. "That's it.. I know that whenever I'm with you, I don't have to feel like I'm forced to do anything to make you happy. I feel like I could be myself, and that's rich coming from me." He lightly chuckles before continuing. "And I feel that way too.. it's the simple things like waking up next to you that make me so happy; I don't want it to end..."

"Natsu..." I say, shocked at his sudden confession. "I know, I'm not good with the fancy stuff or touchy paragraphs, but I really mean this." He shuffles around.

"So will you, Lucy, make me the happiest man in the world and the stars, and marry me?"

I froze.


"Yes?" His face changes a bit.

"You chose now, of all moments. When we're soaked, half-naked, and completely spent..."

Natsu frowns. "..Is it a no..?"

"No you idiot! Of course I'd say yes!" I hug him tightly, trying to hide me tearing face. I hear him take a breath of relief.

"Natsu! You idiot! You picked the wrong moment.."

"I know..."

"And you had the cheesiest speech..."

"I know..."

"B-but you were so sweet and you did all of this... ugh Natsu thanks a lot now I'm a huge emotional mess!" I complain, lightly hitting his chest.

"I love you so much" I silently cry before pulling him into a kiss.

That night when we got home we were both exhausted, but content; excited for the new chapter in our lives.

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