They read your diary

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💙 Goggles 💙

Goggles was jumping on the bed while you were busy and the momentum made your diary fall from under the mattress.  After he got tired from jumping he noticed the book and picked it up, reading it.

"I wish I was as lucky as Goggles.  At least he can share his luck with me sometimes." He read it and thought it was boring.

"Why was there a book in the bed?" He asked you.

"It's nothing!  I just left it there!" You quickly took it back and he didn't question it at all of course.  You hid it in a different place after that.

💚 Rider 💚

Rider needed an empty notebook for something and figured there would be one laying around somewhere. As he was looking through drawers and shelves, he found an unlabeled one and opened it to see if it was empty. But it wasn't at all.

"I want Rider to go on more dates with me. I enjoy doing things with him." He read. His was a little shocked because he didn't expect to be called out so suddenly. Noticing all the pages were decked out, he put the notebook back where it was. It was on his mind all day and he became more conscious about it. The dates after that were fun and you enjoyed them a lot.

💘 Army 💘

Army had written so many manuals that you guys needed to give away some old books to make room on the shelf for them. You both decided to do it since you both owned books. As you were putting some books in boxes, Army came across your diary. You totally forgot about it. The cover wasn't labeled, so he didn't know what it was. He opened to a random page and started reading.

"I wish Army would write a book about me. Wouldn't that be sweet?" He quickly turned red from embarrassment and snapped it shut.

"D- Do you want to keep this?" He said, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Oh... Yeah, yeah." You replied, hoping that he didn't open the book up at all. Army acted as if he didn't read it and set it in the keep pile.

💗 Aloha 💗

Aloha never reads books. Does he even know how to read? Well he found a book hidden under the mattress and was about to throw it across the room, but he noticed a drawing inside of it. A badly drawn picture of him in his swimsuit. He approached you to ask what the deal with it was.

"Yo, why am I in this book?" Aloha asked, pointing at the drawing.

"Aloha! Give that back!" You quickly got up and snatched the book back, closing it and clutching it close to you.

"Why dontcha want me to see it? You hiding something from me~?" He pinned you against the wall.

"N- No! It's a surprise..!" You lied just so he wouldn't question it anymore.

"Oooh~! I see~" he smirked and let you go, and you ran into your room to internally scream and rehide your diary.


Mask needed his Pokemon guide book so he was shuffling through the bookshelf to find it. You each had your own designated shelves for your own books, but he couldn't find it in his shelf so he began looking through yours. A book with "diary" written on the spine caught his eye. What secrets could you be hiding from him? He took the book and sat down in a comfy spot to read all of it. Every last page and fanart in there, he read. You didn't find out either, even though he mentioned the pet name you often refer to him as in there.

"Your priiiiiince chaaaaaarming can't find his guide booooooook~" You still didn't catch on that he'd read it though.

💛 Prince 💛

You left early in the morning for a school emergency and Prince became lonely. He decided to dust off your bookshelf since it looked pretty dusty in some places. After several hours of taking books off the shelf, wiping them down, and putting them back he came across a notebook that he hadn't seen before. He flipped through the pages, reading a random one in the middle.

"I hope Prince doesn't notice I got the sugarless pudding this morning, it was an accident I swear! I'll just throw the box away since that's the only thing that says sugarless..."

Puzzle pieces clicked in his head. That's why his sugar tooth has been so insatiable lately! But why would you write this in a random notebook? He looked at the first page in the book, which displayed in big red letters, "DO NOT READ!!! SECRET!!!" he flinched and quickly set the book with the rest again, hoping you'd never find out.

A few hours later, when you got home, he broke down crying and you didn't know why.

"What's wrong..?" You asked, bringing him closer.

"I- I read your secret book! I'm so sorry! I didn't read all of it I swear!" He sobbed into your arms and you petted his back to comfort him.

"It's okay... Just don't do it again..." You petted him some more until he stopped sobbing, then you gave him a piece of cake and he was as happy as a clam.

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