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💙 Goggles 💙

"Goggles you can't go Trick or Treating without any clothes on...". You facepalmed at the naked boy in front of you.

"Why not?" He asked innocently.

"Because you'll go to jail, at least put this on..." You tossed him a plain white sheet, which he happily threw over his head.

"BOO!" He jumped towards you, intending to tackle you, but instead dove into the wall. "Ow..." He sat on the floor and pouted before, in a fit of rage, RIPPING a face hole in it.  Then he looked up at you with a smile.

"... That'll do." You handed him his candy bucket and walked into the street with him.  He immediately began to sprint in front of you, knocking on ever door at the speed of light.

"Goggles wait!" You began to run after him.

"We gotta go to every house in the neighborhood hurry up!" You ended up chasing after him for the whole evening.  But he did share his candy with you in the end.

💚 Rider 💚

Rider didn't want to trick or treat with you, despite your constant begging.  He settled on doing night time training with you, because it's spookier.  You accepted, but with another plan; to scare him.

You dressed up in your Robbie rotten costume (rip ;-;) and jogged along with Rider through the forest.  You ran behind him, and when the time was right, you flung a sticky hand at him, screaming "EEK, RIDER WATCH OUT!"

"What are you doing..." He picked off the slime hand and looked at it with disapproval.

"I thought it was a monster!" You made your best shocked face.

"I'm so scared..." Rider began jogging again, giving your sticky hand back. Luckily you had a plan B. You waited a while so you were less suspicious before picking up a nearby stick and cracking it, screaming like you got hurt.

"Are you o-" He looked at you with concern before facepalming when he seen your smile, "Funny."

"Mission accomplished~"

"I wasn't scared..."

💘 Army 💘

You watched curiously as Army turned around, a sharpened knife in hand.  In front of his was a big, orange pumpkin.  He looked at it for a moment before stabbing the gleaming knife right into the orange flesh.  He sawed a circle in it, then lifted the top off by its stem.  Then, he quickly scooped out the slimy guys from inside.  You watched with amazement at his skill. 

"What do you want on it?" He asked with a smile.

"Hm..." You placed your hand on your chin, "The Squid Sisters!" Army turned back to the pumpkin and stabbed it again, carving out an intricate shape.  Slivers of pumpkin flew off onto the kitchen table and the floor, his skilled knife shaping an image onto the vegetable.  When he was finished, he examined his work, poking out the final details with his knife, then turning it around for you to see.

"Whoa!" Your mouth hung open in awe at the perfect image of Callie and Marie carved into the pumpkin, "More!"

You watched him carve pumpkins for what seemed like minutes, but was really hours.  And after he had finished, you'd both decorated the lawn with the pretty pumpkins.

💗 Aloha 💗

Aloha hosted a Halloween party this year, just like every year.  Everyone showed up in wacky costumes for the festivities, which included a costume contest, dancing, sneaking into Walmart at night to steal candy, and bobbing or apples.  You disliked the last game though, since it would be gross to stick your face in a bucket of water contaminated with the other people's saliva and other bodily fluids, along with whatever was on the apples inside.  Aloha knew this, and decided to take advantage of it.

"I dare you to bob for an apple~" Aloha cooed, hanging onto your shoulder.

"I'll pass..." You replied, trying to walk away.  But Aloha's weight stopped you.

"I'll give you a king sized candy bar~" He pled again.

"$20, take it or leave it." You caved in.  Aloha sighed.

"Fine, that'll do~" Aloha got off your shoulder and you hesitantly leaned over the large bucket of water.  You tried not to get your face too wet, so your mouth barely hovered over an apple that floated at the surface.  Just as you were about to bite into it, a hand pushed your entire head into the water, and you immediately whipped your head back up to the Aloha laughing at you. 

"What the frick man?!" You went up to him and pushed him away, stomping into the house to clean up.

"$40!  I'll pay you!" You heard Aloha call, just as you slammed the door closed.


Mask sat at the table surrounded by white and cyan colored frills.  Shiny silver needles, buttons, and sparkles littered the surface, while a large sewing machine stood in the center, making a rumbling noise as it pierced the fabric.  You heard the unusual noise and went to investigate, spotting the boy happily sewing away at a frilly dress.

"Whatcha doin'?" You asked, looking at the pile of supplies on the table.

"Cosplaaaaaay...  As maaaagical cat boooy!" He said, showing you a white gas mask with kitty cat ears on it. 

"That's so adorable!  But...  Where are you gonna wear it?" You asked.

"I dunnoooo..." He cracked his knuckles, looking at the half finished costume, "Aloooha said he was throwing a haaaaaalloweeeeen paaaarty...  But they'll judge meeee..."

"Hm...  We could go see a movie, or go to a con?" You suggested, a reassuring smile on your face.

"Coooon!!!" He rapidly resumed his work on the costume, finishing it by the end if the day.

You both went to a nearby Halloween con, Mask dressed as a magical cat boy while you were one of your favorite characters.

💛 Prince 💛

"Oh my gosh, Y/n why is there people outside wearing sheets!?" Prince looked at you with a shocked expression after spotting some trick or treaters wearing ghost costumes.

"They're trick or treaters." You replied, dumping a bag of sweets into a bucket.

"Are they gonna trick me?  Or give people treats?" Prince had his face up against the window, watching the squidkids walk.

"Haven't you went trick or treating before?"

"No...  What is it?" Prince looked at you curiously.

"People knock on other people's doors and ask for candy." You explained. 

"That seems risky...  What if people get poisoned?" Prince questioned.

"I guess that why it's called trick or treat then..." Just then, your doorbell rang; signalling a trick or treater at the door.  "Why don't you give them some candy?" You gave Prince the hefty bucket of sugar and he began to hand it out to the trick or treaters outside.  All part of your master plan to stay inside and play games while he did all the work of being a nice person for you.  He didn't even come back inside until night time, when you fell asleep on the couch.

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