You get a pet

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💙 Goggles 💙

You and Goggles had just gotten some ice cream together and were strolling down the street. As you passed by the pet store, Goggles' eyes met with a sea bunny. He quickly pressed his face against the glass, and the creature pressed it's own fluffy white face against his.

"Look! We have to get him!" Goggles begged.

"I dunno Goggles... Pets are a lot of responsibility..." You replied. You couldn't deny the bunny was cute, but doubted Goggles could take care of an animal since he can barely take care of himself.

"I swear I'll take good care of it! I'll make Specs remind me!" Without your consent, he ran into the pet store straight to the front desk and eagerly asked for the sea bunny. By the time you ran inside too, he'd payed for the bunny and had it in a small cage, along with some other things sea bunnies need. You sighed and took it home, where he played with it all day and tried to teach it tricks. You still had to feed him since Goggles never remembered of course.

💚 Rider 💚

You were at home cleaning up the house while Rider was out jogging. You heard the door open, along with some... Bird noises? You went to the door and seen Rider holding a bird!

"Y- You got a bird?!" You said in shock.

"He's hurt, I thought I'd fix him up." Rider replied and took the bird to the bathroom, where he took care of the bird's wounds. When he was done, the bird happily flapped around and began to check out the house.

"Isn't he cute..." Rider watched the bird explore the carpeting, poking at the fabric.

💘 Army 💘

You and Army were walking home from some turf war and he heard a quiet cry coming from a dark alley. You both cautiously approached the alleyway, holding hands for security. You used your phone flashlight and the light landed on a tiny small fry!

"We can't just leave him here... He's far away from home..." Army picked up the small fry, who looked up at him with happiness. You took him home and Army started researching in a panic because he'd never taken care of a pet before. He kept buying it the most luxurious of everything and spoilt the fish rotten.

💗 Aloha 💗

You went out to run some errands on a usual day, but when you arrived home you heard the base from music from inside the house... Sounded like crab rave... You opened the door and sure enough, Aloha was dancing with a HOARD of sea cucumbers to the music of crab rave.

"HEY Y/N!!!" Aloha yelled over the music.

"ALEXA STOP!" You yelled so that the music would stop. When it did, your ears rung from the earlier volume. "Where did you get these things?!"

"Oh, well I was at a party and these dudes were in the pool! They were jamming out to the music! They seemed like some fresh kids, so I took them into my loving arms~" Aloha explained while hugging a cluster of the cucumbers.

"Aloha, we can't take care of all of these cucumbers..." You sighed, anxiety in your voice.

"Can I just have two? Please~? I'll take care of them all by myself!" Aloha pled.

"Alright... Two of them. No more..." Aloha picked out a pink and green cucumber, and gave the rest to his friends, who often brought them for playdates.


"Whaaat is thaaaat..?" Mask asked you, staring up at a small purple sea slugs that was stuck to the window of the video game store.

"Looks like a sea slug!" You replied, admiring it as it cutely slithered on the glass. Mask reached up and picked it off the glass with his fingers.

"We're keeping it." Mask replied, beginning to walk home. You followed him, slightly against the idea of him bringing a wild animal home with him. He ended up keeping the slug as a pet in a small glass tank.

💛 Prince 💛

"You said you wanted one of these, right?"

"Yes! Thank you Nii-san!"

It was recently Prince's birthday and Emperor gave him a new kitten. Kittens are really rare and expensive, but their family was rich so it didn't matter much. The kitten had yellow spots on it and looked like Lil Judd.

"Look!" Prince happily showed you the kitty cat.

"Aww! It's adorable!" You gave the kitty a kiss on its head along with Prince. He'd play with the cat a lot and snuggle with it at night.

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