They get sick

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💙 Goggles 💙

"Y/n... I don't feel so good..." Goggles sniffled, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

"Oh... You don't look too good either. Maybe we should stay home today?" You suggested, patting his shoulder.

"Yay~" Goggles smiled and weakly tackled you. Even when he's feeling sick, his energy still shines through- you both played board games all day together.

💚 Rider 💚

Rider has been sick for a few days now, with an awful stomach bug that left his weak. He must've gotten a case of cabin fever too, because you found him getting ready for a battle.

"Rider, you're not going out like this." You protested, crossing your arms.

"I'm sick of being home. Just a few matches, c'mon." He buckled his signature Black Inky Rider and reached out to pick up his Dynamo roller, but he couldn't quite lift its weight and it instead fell flat on the floor.

"See? You're not in good shape. I'll take you somewhere else if you want to go out." Rider sighed and obliged, and you both went out to a movie together.

💘 Army 💘

Army sat hunched over his desk, one finger holding his place in a book while the other frantically wrote in his manual. His face was red with fever and he sniffled away the liquid that threatened to seep out of his nose. His writing slowed down and his expression turned weary before he sneezed loudly, making a mess on his face.

"Damn it..." Army said nasally, grabbing a tissue and cleaning himself up.

"Army, please, rest. You won't get better if you don't." You said, closing your own book that you were reading whilst lying on the bed.

"No, if I'm going to be holed up inside all day I may as well get something done." He protested and began searching his open book for the sentence he left off on.

"If you don't come into bed and at least take a nap, I'm getting your teammates to come over and take care of you." You threatened. Army froze, recalling the last time he was sick around his team. It was chaotic to say the least.

"Fine..." Army got up from his chair and got into bed next to you, hugging a box of tissues to his side and closing his eyes. You sighed in relief and went back to your book, because if you'd fall asleep he'd surely sneak back up and lie about taking a nap-

💗 Aloha 💗

"Y/n I don't feel so good..." Aloha said, clutching his stomach. His usual flirty demeanor was nowhere to be found.

"What's wrong babe?" Just as you set your phone down, Aloha's eyes widened and he ran to the bathroom. You followed behind and held his hair back while he puked into the toilet.

"Did you eat anything crazy?" You asked, taking some medicine out of the cabinet.

"Well... Those hot dogs were sitting out for a few hours... The sushi was suspicious... I probably shouldn't have drank too..." Aloha leaned up against the wall and popped the pills you gave him, then sluggishly walked back into the bedroom and flopped on the bed.

Suddenly, the sound of the front door being kicked open startled both you and the sickly Aloha. Team Pink just decided to barge in without warning.

"Alooohaaa~! We brought driiiinks~!" Boater-chan had two large alcoholic beverages in her hand, strutting into the bedroom.

"Hey dudes~" Aloha got up, seemingly fine again and went to grab his drink, but you took his hand back.

"No sirree, you're not drinking anything but water. You're sick!" You said to Aloha.

"Ew, you're sick? Well come back another day!" Scuba said, leading the rest of the team out of the house. Once peace was restored, Aloha passed out on the bed, and you just layed next to him on your phone.


Mask gets sick often, so this was pretty normal. Yesterday team pink thought it would be funny to steal his gas mask and chuck Mask in some flowers, so this morning he was sniffling and sneezing like crazy.

"Achoo! Y- Y/n... Go in the other room..." Mask sniffled from his bed, "I don't want you to be around me when I'm like this..."

"Nope! I'm staying right here. Loneliness isn't good for your health!" You cuddled Mask's arms as he blew his nose and tossed the tissue into the pile of thousands.

"Ugh... You really believe everything you read online, don't you?" Mask sniffled.

"The difference is, I was reading a .org website, not a .com. So it's true." You defended your title and Mask sat in defeat as you cuddled him.

💛 Prince 💛

You sat on the edge of Prince's yellow and white decorated bed, holding a thermometer in his mouth and waiting for it to beep. He woke up looking sick and you wanted to make sure he was okay before he left for training. The alarm beeped and you pulled out the thermometer; a fever.

"You're no going to training today, you're sick. Sorry bud." You pat his head as Prince pouted.

"But Nii-san needs me there! I have to go..." He started to tear up.

"Oh no... I'm sure he doesn't want you to get even worse by overexerting yourself. Why don't you tell him you have a fever?" You passed Prince his squidphone and he frustratedly typed a text to his brother. Just as you'd predicted, Emperor told him to stay in bed for a speedy recovery.

"On the bright side, we can relax all day." You smiled and brought in some water, medicine, and of course, a pudding as a reward.

"No, no, no! Not that yucky stuff..!" Prince argued.

"Emperor won't be happy if you're in bed forever..." You poured the medicine onto a spoon and hd it in front of Prince's mouth. He quickly swallowed the liquid, shaking at it's bitter taste.

"Ack... Tastes bad... Need... Sweets..." Prince begged for his dessert, and you happily gave it to him and he gobbled it up eagerly.

You both played video games together and took cuddle naps, and Prince was better the next morning!

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