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A World Once Forgotten (Splatoon/Subnautica x Male Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
A World Once Forgotten (Splatoon/S...by Only The Snazziest
This is a sequel. While not required, it is recommended to read 'A World Once Familiar' before starting this story. Cover made by @Imitoni You were Y/n L/n. An Inkling...
🦈꒰ Shiver x Reader ꒱ by Plutoniian
🦈꒰ Shiver x Reader ꒱by Mei
After losing a bet with Frye, you join Deep Cut. There you meet your favorite idol in person, Shiver. She's a big tease and flirts at any chance she can get. You are a f...
Splatoon 2 Marina x reader by ObscureMouse
Splatoon 2 Marina x readerby ObscureMouse
Over 6000 juicy words of octopus girl fanfiction. Kind of just made this for myself to read whenever I feel lonely but feedback and suggestions would still be greatly a...
Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. This story begins in Splatoon 2, but I will mark in the chap...
The Last One (Splatoon 2 Fanfiction)  by DaLordSpyCrab
The Last One (Splatoon 2 Fanfictio...by the last spycrab
Hi this is my first story on Wattpad, this story talks about the human who ( for misterius luck) survived the third human word war, who ended once for all the humans...
Agent 38: I Never Forgot You by ViviOcto12
Agent 38: I Never Forgot Youby Viv
Hello there again! This is now my 2nd Wattpad story, which is the sequel to Agent 38: In The Making. If you haven't read it yet, please do go ahead and read it because i...
☆~Splatoon! Spyke X Reader (LEMON)~☆ by SodaGnome
☆~Splatoon! Spyke X Reader (LEMON)...by Lovely
______ (you), is Spyke's favorite customer. What will happen when ______ invites him over to her home in Flounder Heights and Spyke has her all to himself??? DISCLAIMER:...
Squidbeak Agency Adventures (Original) by SoulePurity
Squidbeak Agency Adventures (Origi...by Micah Soule
Octarians, machines, dangers of the depths, and more. It's all here when you embark on an adventure in Inkopolis and beyond. Please note that no pictures or characters...
Replaced & Forgotten (A Splatoon Story) by SourceFreak
Replaced & Forgotten (A Splatoon S...by SourceFreak
You would think that saving the whole city's only power source, and one of the biggest idols would reward you with a lot of fame and appreciation... Instead, you get the...
Y/N multiverse  by KoopaGhostKing59
Y/N multiverse by KoopaGhostKing59
The Multiverse of one human can be start by just a snap of a finger let us see what are guest will see about their so called "weakest student" in the school
Splatoon 3 x Male Reader by Suction_Cup_Man
Splatoon 3 x Male Readerby Suction_Cup_Man
Y/N, a male inkling who just recently came out to the Splatlands, has found himself in quite a pickle. You know, if being trapped underground with no communication to ci...
Alone In A Brand New World (Splatoon x Reader) by AlanBall22
Alone In A Brand New World (Splato...by Alan
Humans. A species that died out centuries ago. Now replaced by new life forms on Earth. With tentacles for hair, and ink filling their weapons, they are called Inklings...
Splatoon x Reader / an Octarians Story by Eevcoh
Splatoon x Reader / an Octarians S...by Evel
Based on Splatoon but in a different way. Born as an Octoling the biggest nightmare you could imagine. You never wanted to be one of them... Remake of my Original Story...
The Reluctant Hero (Splatoon) by Dbluewillow
The Reluctant Hero (Splatoon)by Dbluewillow
A young man heads to the city to locate his missing friend, and he discovers that she has been lying to him about what exactly she does for a living. The eyes of the cit...
Baguette's Art Book (2024) by Hyperbaguette
Baguette's Art Book (2024)by Baguette
Just a little book full of drawings I made! Don't reupload my art without credit. You can find all of my art on Tumblr! @baguettedrawz
SMG4 Fanfic: The Horrific Incident (FINALE) by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Horrific Incident...by DS123 // DS123 Productions
The wait is over... it's time for the epic final battle!!! Dylan Cumber needs to be stopped... CAN MARIO AND MEGGY SAVE THE DAY?!?!?!
Rider x Goggles by insanity_shows
Rider x Gogglesby SATIN
I admit... You caught my eye...
sm ⟿ pics by -_TomuraShigaraki_-
sm ⟿ picsby Ͷ 笑 み 子 Ͷ
THE COMPLETE COLLECTION GETS RENEWED BEFORE CONTINUATION! This is a picture collection based on the game splatoon and the manga coroika. I do not own the game or manga a...
Heir - Splatoon 2 Fanfic  by bryhai
Heir - Splatoon 2 Fanfic by Bry
Callie has been kidnapped by the Octarians and brainwashed. She doesn't remember anything, Marie, Cuttlefish, and thinks this life is normal. She's also been told that s...