You paint their nails

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💙 Goggles 💙

You were really bored and messed around with some nail polish.  As you were painting your nails, Goggles walked in and saw.

"Y/n!  Your nails look pretty!" He complimented with his usual smile, sitting next to you.

"Thanks!" You replied, smiling back and then blowing the polish on your nails.

"Can you make my nails pretty too?" He asked.  It was a slightly unusual request, but screw gender roles.

"Sure!" You accepted his request and painted his nails a blue color.

"Yay!  Now my fingers are pretty too!  Everyone is gonna be so jealous." He admired his painted nails with a smile.

💚 Rider 💚

You sat on the floor, painting your nails a yellow green color.  After you'd finished yours, you still wanted to paint more.  You thought about painting Rider's nails.  He would probably say no if you were to ask him, so you just did it while he was asleep.  You snuck up and gently painted his nails a matching yellow green color, blew on them until they dried, and then left him.  He woke up not long after.

"Did you paint my nails?" He said, looking at his colorful fingers in confusion.

"Yeah," You replied, "I needed practice." You knew he would never get mad at you for improving yourself.

"Oh...  Alright..." He sat next to you.  He didn't end up washing the polish off until the next day when he had a battle.

💗 Aloha 💗

"Hey Aloha, do you like my nails?" You showed him your pink, glittery nails that you'd just painted yourself.

"Heck yeah!  I want some fresh fingers like those!" He said in his usual happy voice. 

"I can paint them if you want." You suggested, holding up a bottle of the pink nail polish.

"Awesome!" He held out his hands to you, and you painted them pink and glittery. 

"Thanks babe~!  They look beautiful~!" He said as you blew on them to dry.  He kept the polish on for a while, until it started chipping.

💘 Army 💘

"Hey, Army, can I paint your nails?" You asked him as he was writing in his manual. 

"Of course not." He replied plainly. 

"C'mon, please?" You begged. 




"I'll make curry for you." You bargained.

"Fine." He finally agreed.  You painted his nails orange.  He hated them though, and washed the polish off that night. 


"Mask, lemme paint your nails." You said, holding a bottle of cyan polish.

"Noooooo...  That's for giiiiiiiirlssss." He complained.

"Screw gender roles!" You said.

"I don't wannaaaaaa~" He pulled his hands away from you and you gave up.  Until he fell asleep.  Then you took the chance and painted his nails.  When he woke up, he didn't care that much didn't even bother to confront you about it, keeping it on until it had all chipped away.

💛 Prince 💛

"Prince, lookie!" You showed him your light yellow nails that you'd just painted.

"They're very pretty!" He smiled.

"Can I paint your nails too?" You asked. 

"Uhm...  If you want to I guess..." He replied, worried that his brother or his fans would notice.  But he wanted to please you.

"Yay~!" You painted his nails the same light yellow color you'd painted your nails and blew them dry.

"Thanks!  They look cute." He smiled at you.  He kept them painted for a while, but wore gloves whenever he was around Emperor.

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