You go thrifting

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💙 Goggles 💙

"It smells like my grandma in here!" Goggles said as you both walked into the thrift store. Goggles broke your coffee table during a game of "the floor is lava" and the ones at the store were too expensive.

"Maybe that's because all the people here are old." You replied. You held Goggle's hand and walked to the table section.

"Wait, Y/n! Look at these!" Uh oh, he was headed towards the glassware. He picked up a puppy piggy bank and showed it to you, the impact of his hand causing the display shelf to shake.

"Be careful! Of we break anything we have to buy it!" You took the bank from him and gently set it back on the shelf.

"Pleeease can I have it? It's so cute!" He looked up at you with puppy dog eyes.

"You're going to break it by the time we get it home anyways..."

"I promise I won't! I'll be really careful!" Goggles plead.

"Fine... But you're paying for it." You rolled your eyes and gave in.

"Yay!" He forcefully grabbed the puppy again, shaking the shelf even more now and causing an ugly elf statue to fall off and drop to the floor. You sighed and picked it up, just a small crack and it didn't make any noise because of the carpeting... You set it back on the shelf and hoped no one would notice. The coffee table was cheap and nice by the way.

💚 Rider 💚

To save some money, Rider decided to buy some weapons at the thrift shop. Why waste money on a weapon he'll use a couple of times and store away? As he was examining some dualies, you looked around at some gear. You noticed a strange pale yellow thing at the top of the shelf and reached on your tippy toes, trying to bump it off the shelf. After several jump and bops, it fell to the ground, face up. You flinched a little; it was a fresh fish head. After the initial shock went away, you picked it up. The inside looked clean and it didn't smell bad so you put it on and snuck up to Rider. You tapped on his shoulder and he turned around.

"Hm?" You stared at him with the beady eyes of the mascot head, "weirdo..." He didn't seem to recognise you, so you continued staring. He kept looking back at you paranoid-like.

"Do you need something?!" He said, even more freaked out. You took off he hood and his annoyed expression quickly changed to an embarrassed one. "Tch..."

💗 Aloha 💗

Aloha is definitely not the type to buy old things, but after a big party he hosted on a whim he didn't have much cash on him.

"Aloha, I doubt this place will have anything trendy in it..." You said as you walked past shelves of items.

"When your famous you can make the trends yourself!" He replied. "Good point."

"Just gotta find something weird and that should do..." He browsed through a rack of clothes. "Like this!" He picked up a tie dye shirt that smelled like sweat. You plugged your nose and helped him look for a similar style of clothes on another rack. You both filled up your basket with rainbow clothes and bought it all on the cheap. The style of rainbow colored clothes spread through the media almost immediately. His whole team wore rainbows, magazines raved, stores began stocking them; but he only dealt with the style for a month, when some new trend clothes came on the market and he had the money.

💘 Army 💘

Thrift stores sold a lot of items in his style, so Army went thrifting every once in a while. Whether it was for furniture, gear, or weapons. He was scribbling something in his notebook as he looked at a rack of coats. Meanwhile you browsed on another rack, wearing a rubber anglerfish mask that you found on the rack.

"Army, you'd look nice in this!" You showed him an orange camouflage jacket that looked similar to his original one. He blushed a little at the compliment.

"Sure... I'll buy it." You set it in his cart, "Why're you wearing that thing? It's probably dirty."

"I dunno, it's cute. Doesn't smell dirty to me." You continued browsing the racks. After a few minutes you found a pair of boots you thought he'd like. "These would look hot on you too!"

"There are old people here..!" He whisper yelled at you, his face a bright red.

"Fine, fine... They'd look darling on you." You closed your eyes and made a duck face. Still blushing, Army took the boots and put them in the cart, quickly moving towards another section.


Mask goes to the thrift store every once in a while to look for old games. He disliked how dusty and old the place was because of his fever, but luckily he has his mask. Upon walking through the door and seeing the video games section, he ran up to it. You followed, knowing there was a wide grin under his mask.

"Y/n, a goooood condition Squidbox!" He picked it up and examined it. "Just a little duuuusty!"

"Oh my cod! So cool!" You never seen a first edition Squidbox before. He put it in the cart you were pushing and gasped as he spotted something else.

"They have games for it too!" He read off their names as he put them in the cart as well; Legend of Octopi, Squiddymon, Megasquid, the classics. You heard him whisper "this is the best day of my life..." Under his breath.

💛 Prince 💛

Being rich, Prince never had the need to buy secondhand. After hearing about how it was good for the environment to recycle, he wanted to do his part.

"What do you wanna buy anyways?" You asked.

"Pajamas!" He held your hand as he looked for the pajamas section, gently dragging you to it.

"I dunno Prince, these probably won't be as comfortable as the ones at home." You explained as he looked through the clothes.

"The maids will make them soft, just like my old stuff~" he chirped, "Do you think this will fit me?" He held up a pair of pajamas with Peeps on them.

"They might be just a little big, but they'll look cute on you!" You said. He smiled and put the clothes in the cart. He found quite a few adorable pajamas that day, and sure enough they were soft and comfy after they were washed.

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