They get jealous

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💙 Goggles 💙

Goggles never gets jealous, but there was one time that he was slightly jealous. Aloha stole you, and carried you with him on his shoulder wherever he went.

"Put meh dooooown." You said, slung over his shoulder.

"Nope~!" Aloha said cheerfully.

"Hey, you have to shaaare!" Goggles pulled at your arm.

"You get Y/n all the time, gimme a turn~" Aloha held your legs tighter.

"Nah uh! I let you play a Super Smash Brothers with her!" Goggles yanked.

"Only for one round!" The two boys yanked at your limbs until you fell off Aloha's shoulder, and then you ran to narnia.

💚 Rider 💚

You'd been training a lot with Skull lately. More than with Rider. Every time you left to train he'd get more jealous. Especially when you left wearing a thin tank top since it was hot out.

"Y/n, don't you think you've trained enough?" Rider asked when you got home.

"No? You can never have enough training." You replied.

"Of course, but training with Skull?" Rider averted his eyes.

"I don't see a problem as lI not as I'm improving... You're not jealous are you?" You poker his cheek.

"N- No... tch..." You kissed Rider's cheek in assurance, and h3 wasn't as jealous after.

💗 Aloha 💗

Aloha hosted another one of his big parties.  You were messing around by the pool with team pink, and Diver picked you up bridal style and threw you into the pool.  Your laughing combined with the close proximity of your skin to Diver's made him jealous.  As you were swimming back up to the surface, Diver was laughing at your dismay, and Aloha ran up to him and pushed Aloha into the pool, then walked off to get a drink, a dark aura surrounding him.

"Ay, are you okay?" You patted Aloha's shoulder as he chugged a shot, and he turned around smiling perfectly fine.

"I'm all good~ Like always~" Aloha said in his normal, cheerful voice.  He kept close to you for the rest of the party.

💘 Army 💘

Mask was too sick to attend training one day, so you had to substitute for him.  Afterwards, while you were saying your goodbyes, Aloha got way too flirty.

"I had fun princess~" Aloha leaned in and gave you a peck on the cheek. Immediately after, Army tackled him.

"Stupid Party Animal!  You don't have the right to touch her!" Army scolded.

"Jeez, chill dude..." Aloha got up from the ground and brushed himself off.

"Yeah dude...  chill." You poked at Army, who avoided eye contact with you.


Just like most days, you and Mask were lazing around.  You left your phone next to him while you went to the bathroom, and Mask got curious, turning it on and seeing one of your notifications.  A text, detailing a make out session.  When you came back, Mask confronted you about it.

"Who's thiiiis?" Mask held your phone up, showing the message.

"Heh...  Me and Moon-chan were roleplaying." You explained.

"Okaaaaay...." At least it wasn't a dude.

💛 Prince 💛

You, Prince, and Goggles were doing some turf war together one day. After some matches and lunch from Crusty Sean, it was time to say goodbye.

"See you guys later!" Goggle waved with a smile. Prince waved back, but you went in for a hug. It only lasted a second or two, but it made Prince kind of jealous. Your hugs were special to him...

"Something wrong?" You asked Prince after noticing his sad expression.

"I thought your hugs were special for me..." He said.

"Of course they are, that was just a lame friend hug. You get the special Prince hugs." You hugged Prince in reassurance.

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