They see you naked

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💙 Goggles 💙

You and Goggles were getting swimsuits for the summer since yours didn't fit anymore and Goggles lost his from last year. After picking a couple suits, you both went to the changing room. You stripped off your clothes and fiddled with the hanger that was stuck to the suit when Goggles burst in.

"Y/n, how do i look!?" He didn't even knock, just straight up walked in on you.

"Kyaa!!! Don't walk in while I'm changing dummy!" You slammed the door on his face.

"But do I look good?"

"Yeah, you look fine in any swimsuit!" Which was a half truth and half excuse to not cause a scene.

💚 Rider 💚

"I'm goin out for a run, be back in a while." Rider said, packing his backpack.

"I wanna come too! Lemme change out of my pajamas real quick..." You went into your room, not closing the door behind you since your dresser wasn't visible from the door. You stripped off the pajamas and dug through the drawers for your workout clothes.

"Do y- Sorry sorry," He backed out of the door upon noticing you were nude, a blush spread across your face but he was polite about it, "Anything you want to drink?" He finished his sentence outside of the door.

"Yeah, pack an extra water bottle for me." You quickly changed, worried that he'd walk in on you again even though he knew you were changing now. Neither of you mentioned it afterwards so it wasn't scarring.

💗 Aloha 💗

You were singing bomb rush blush as you exited your nice shower. You were still singing as you dried yourself off with a towel. The door was cracked open for some reason, you must've not pushed it closed all the way. Aloha must've took this as the initiative that you didn't need privacy, so he burst in on the chorus, causing you to shriek and cover yourself.

"What the heck?! Get out!" You pushed him out of the bathroom and closed the door, locking it.

"Aw c'mon, I only got a little peek!" Aloha replied.

"Pervert pervert pervert!!!"

💘 Army 💘

You were making breakfast for you and Army because he seemed stressed lately. You accidentally spilled hot coffee on your shirt, which was luckily brown anyways, so you stripped off the steaming hot shirt while hissing and began digging through a nearby basket of laundry that hadn't been put away yet. This was in the middle of the living room, so it was your fault when Army walked in on you.

"Whats that sm- sorry, sorry!" Army said, his face turning a bright red as he covered his face.

"I should be sorry! Just a sec... I spilled on my shirt..." You grabbed a random shirt and pulled it on. "Okay, you can look now. I made you breakfast!"

"Oh really? Thank you..." His face remained red throughout all of breakfast and until he left with his team for training. One of the most embarrassing moments in your life.


You and Mask were going to an anime convention in homemade cosplays! You were having trouble putting on your dress so you figured Mask wouldn't mind seeing you partially naked, he was your boyfriend after all.

"Mask, can you help me?!" You called. Mask arrived to your aide, half way in his magical kitty cosplay. His face turned red as he seen your bare back and bra.

"Wh- What do I dooo?" He asked.

"Lace up my corset please!" You let go of the corset, thinking he'd grabbed the laces. He didn't. The corset slipped to the floor and you were only covered by your bra. You only responded with "oops..." And picked the outfit back up. Your face turned only half as red as Mask's. He silently tied up the laces.

"Thankies!" You said. He replied with a "Welcomeeee..." As he walked off. He was either busy with his cosplay or extremely embarrassed, likely the second point.

💛 Prince 💛

You were taking a nice shower, thinking about your life and loving boyfriend.  After a bit of daydreaming about snuggling with Prince, you noticed there weren't any towels in the room.  The floors weren't carpet so you knew your clumsy butt would slip, so you decided to call for Prince to grab you some towels. 

"Prince?!  Can you grab me some towels please?!" You heard his footsteps trotting to the door.

"B- But you're naked?" He replied, concerned that you'd be embarrassed. 

"It's okay, just cover your eyes?" You pulled back the shower stall door thing, which was covered in steam that censored most of your body. 

"Okay..." He clumsily entered the room with the towels in hand.  He peeked between his fingers to make sure he wasn't gonna trip on anything, noticing your undies on the floor and turning red.  Then of course he accidentally looked up and seen your naked silhouette in the glass and turned redder. 

"Thanks!" You smiled and he ran off.  He confessed to peeking at you accidentally with tears in his eyes, you forgave him on the spot.

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