They play the pocky game

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💙 Goggles 💙

"Y/n!  I'm home!!" Goggles said, bursting through the door with grocery bags in hand.

"Hey!  You didn't just buy junk this time, did you?" You asked as Goggles set his bags down on the countertop.

"Nope!  But I did buy something special!" He started digging through the bags and pulled out a box of (favorite flavor) Pocky.

"Pocky?  Ooh~" You smiled.

"Yup!  I found out about this fresh new game called the Pocky game, and I wanted to play it with you!" Goggles said with a smile.

"The Pocky game?  Where we bite each end and try to break it, then we meet in the middle and kiss?" You asked.

"Yup!" Goggles went into the fridge and poured you and him a glass of milk, then you sat on the couch.  Goggles opened up the box and pulled out a stick, then placed it between his teeth with a smile.  You learned in and bit the other end; you both bit closer and closer in until your lips met. 

"Ooh!  Again!  Again!" Goggles eagerly grabbed another stick and you played again, and again, and again, until the box was empty.

💚 Rider 💚

"Hey, Hey Rider." You poked Rider's cheek with a stick of Pocky. 

"Hm?" He replied.

"Let's play the Pocky game." You held the cookie in your mouth and poked it at Rider's cheek again.

"That game?  Alright." He turned his head and bit on the opposite end, and you took the first turn.  However, when it was Rider's turn he broke the Pocky in half.

"Darn, too rough." You replied, eating your half of the cookie.

"I'll try again." Rider took another stick and you tried again, he got a little further but it still broke. 

"Ugh..." Rider took another Pocky and you played again.  You guessed it- broke. 

"How...  Unfortunate..." Rider said, trying not to get angry over a silly game.  Before he could get another stick, you kissed him.  After a moment of shock, he kissed back, and all of his tension released.  After a minute, you released him and smiled.

"It's alright." You said.  Rider looked away with a slight blush, and you both shared the rest of the Pocky.

💗 Aloha 💗

You and Aloha were bored one day.  You were looking for snacks and found a box of Pocky.

"Hey, Aloha!  Let's play the Pocky game!" You suggested with a smile.

"Sure~!" He agreed and you sat across from him, both of you biting one end of the cookie.  His turn was first, and he bit off the entire cookie and kissed you.

"Wha-? That's not how the game works Aloha." You said, blushing.

"I know, I just couldn't resist~" He took out another cookie and played again, this time playing it correctly.

💘 Army 💘

"Army~" You called after your boyfriend in the sing-song voice that he liked, a box of Pocky in hand. 

"Yes Y/n?" Army said, not turning away from his desk to hide a light blush that dusted his face.

"I got some Pocky, I want to play the Pocky game." You said, opening the box.

"Pocky game?  What's that?" Army asked.

"Well, we each bite one end of the Pocky and we inch closer and closer together until we kiss~" You explained.

"Hm, alright." Army finally turned his chair around and you held a stick of Pocky in your mouth.  Army bit the other end, and you took the first turn.  Army was frozen, blushing heavily.  He bit down on the Pocky and quickly turned away, covering his red face.

"Huh?" You took the stick out of your mouth and looked at Army confused.

"I- I'm sorry, I have work to do..." Army turned back to his desk, still red as a tomato, and you smiled at his shyness.


You walked into the living room and found Mask sitting on the floor, playing video games as usual.  He had a stick of Pocky hanging out of his mouth, (favorite flavor) to be specific.  You walked up just as the match ended and gently turned his face towards you, biting the end of the Pocky hanging out of his mouth.  He blushed and realized you had initiated the game, biting closer to your mouth.  You took turns getting closer to each other before your lips met in the middle...  But the kiss didn't last long, because Mask pulled away and sneezed.  You laughed as Mask sniffled.

"C- Can we do that again?  I didn't enjoy the kiiiiiiiss~" Mask pouted and pulled out another stick of Pocky.

"Of course~" You smiled and you both bit down on the cookie and played again, this time the kiss was longer and you both were satisfied.

💛 Prince 💛

You and Prince were playing video games together.  He had some Pocky, and you got the idea to play the Pocky game with him.

"Hey, Prince.  We should play the Pocky game!" You suggested, taking a cookie out of the box.

"Pocky game?  Oh no..." His face turned pink at the thought.

"C'mon, don't be shy~" You held the Pocky in your mouth and Prince shyly bit the other end.  As you both inched closer to each other, Prince's face grew redder and redder.  When your lips were about to touch, Prince quickly bit off his end and pulled his face away shyly.  You giggled and kissed his pink cheek, causing him to blush even more.

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