You steal their clothes+weapon

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// Another collab chapter with witherstorm12! 💚

💙 Goggles 💙

"Y/n?! Where are my clothes?!" Goggles ran around the house naked, looking for his lost apparel. He didn't even bother to grab some boxers or a towel or anything, but you were used to seeing him nude by now.

"Y/n? You in here?" Goggles walked in your room without knocking and found you wearing his clothes- his signature jacket, shoes, and goggles, as well as his splattershot.

"Oh! Uh, sorry." You blushed in embarrassment at being caught, and because of the completely naked Goggle in front of you.

"Oh! You're pretending to be me? That's so cute!" He hugged you with a cute smile.

"Thanks... Do you want your clothes back?" You asked, uncomfortably.

"Hm... Nah! They look nice on you." He grabbed some old gear and wore that to turf war instead.

💚 Rider 💚

"Y/n? Have you seen my stuff?" Rider called, looking for you throughout your apartment. He finally found you in front of the mirror, wearing his clothes and posing with his weapon.

"Y-Y/n?! What're you doing with my clothes?" Rider looked at your body up and down, a light blush on his cheeks.

"Oh, uh... I don't know..." You turned away from the mirror to look at Rider, "I'll give them back..."

"N- No... Uh, keep them for the day..." Rider stopped you from unzipping his jacket, looking away to hide his blush.

"Oh? Okay." You smiled and Rider left quickly to find something for himself to wear.

💗 Aloha 💗

Aloha invited you to a party with him. You thought it would just be a house party, but it was a pool party. You didn't bring your swimsuit, so you were bored. As Aloha was in the pool, you took his beach bag with his clothes and weapon inside and changed in to them. As you were playing around with his weapon, Aloha noticed and walked up with a smirk.

"Hey~ You look so adorable in my clothes~" He flirted, hugging you by your lower back.

"Heh, thanks." You blushed lightly and smiled up at him. For the rest of the party, he'd glance at you often and smile faintly; and was extra flirty.

💘 Army 💘

Army was searching his room frantically for his manual. He always has it in his pocket, but his jacket had disappeared too. He gave up searching in his room and found you, sitting on the couch reading his manual; wearing his signature clothes.

"Y-Y/n?!" Army blushed.

"Hm? Oh, you need this?" You held out his manual.

"Y- Yeah... You didn't read what I wrote about you... Did you?" He took the manual from you shyly.

"Yeah, and I wrote some other stuff about me in there too~" You winked and crossed your legs. Army blushed redder.

"Oh, you want your clothes back too?" You asked. Army shook his head.

"N- No... It's fine..." Army turned around and walked back to his room with his manual.


"Achoo! Y/n!!!" Mask called for you from his bed. He couldn't find his Mask anywhere and got too weak to search anymore.

"Hm? Kshhh~" You walked in wearing Mask's signature clothing. Mask blushed lightly and sneezed again.

"My mask, I need it..." Mask sniffled. You giggles and kissed him before giving his mask back. Once he put it on, he looked you up and down, checking you out.

"My clothes~?" Mask asked.

"Heh, cute right?" You posed with his carbon roller.

"So cuuuute~" he smirked through his mask, "You should wear them moreee~"

💛 Prince 💛

Prince was walking around the house, collecting laundry with a basket in his hands. He was about to enter your room and your door was cracked open slightly. He put the basket down and peeked inside, blushing as he noticed you wearing his signature clothes and holding his enperry splat dualies. He stared at you for a while, admiring you as you posed in front of the mirror. Until you turned around an noticed him; then he ran off with his basket to the laundry room.

"Prince, were you staring at me?" You asked after you chased after him.

"I- I'm sorry Y/n... I couldn't help it..." He blushes and turned around, embarrassed.

"Aw, it's okay." You patted his yellow tentacles, "Do you need your clothes back?"

"You can keep them on if you'd like." Prince smiled and looked up at you.

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