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YOU'RE A WHAT!?!? by rapdaddyhoseok
YOU'RE A WHAT!?!?by rapdaddyhoseok
this a sasunaru story, so if you're not into that shit or you don't like this ship then don't click it Met the Kyuubi at the age of 3 Became ANBU captain at 5 Naruto is...
Secretly Different (A Naruto Fanfiction) by Nora_Onnanoko
Secretly Different (A Naruto Nora_Onnanoko
Will be rewritten To protect his hometown the young boy trained to be what people call a 'ninja'. The boy grew powerful , reaching higher ranks. He became the commander...
Fake it till you make it by asian_scotch_tape
Fake it till you make itby Amazon Egg Guider
After a two-week trip with the rookie 9 to the sand village what would change? Things take a wild turn but are they for the better or the worst? As Naruto goes through e...
Secrets by Sasu-Naru1
Secretsby Sasu-Naru1
What if Naruto had some hidden secrets. What if Naruto has a secret journal. What if Naruto is the Uzumaki /Namikaz Prodigy and Genius. What if Naruto is an ANBU. Wh...
Anbu naruko (broken mask) SASUNARU by Aleena384
Anbu naruko (broken mask) SASUNARUby Sasunaru4life😼
In this story we have Naruko Uzukami her parents are dead, the village treats her horribly, all the kids her age (3) avoid her, and gets abused every other day. The uchi...
Not The Same Person (Kitsune/Anbu Naruto) by Hena_Samu
Not The Same Person (Kitsune/ Henami06
What if Naruto is actually smart but pretends to be stupid? What if Naruto has been an anbu since he was 5 years old? What if Naruto's heart became soft and caused him...
hidden scars by riley123baines
hidden scarsby Riley Baines
Naruto takes a mission on his birthday to avoid the fox hunt, but instead gets landed with something worse, read as Naruto hides his struggles and the truth, but everyon...
After the Mask Falls by 1ToasterKitty
After the Mask Fallsby Toast
One sentence causes Naruto's mask to crack. After his mask cracks, many people start to notice that Naruto has changed. Will Naruto be able to survive without his mask t...
Player 457  by WPDarlingPan
Player 457 by W.P DarlingPan
Y/N was a hard working person, Which was necessary at a young age when she is left to provide for herself after her brothers went off who knows where, one attempting to...
His Secret. A Naruto Fan Fic. Book 1 by AkumuIsSleepy
His Secret. A Naruto Fan Fic. Akumu
Naruto is the number 1 hyperactive, Knuckleheaded Ninja of Kohona.... or is he? When he gets turned into a three year on a mission, it's up to Team 7 and 8 to take care...
SapnapxReader by dryegg
SapnapxReaderby dryegg
warning: smut, knives, blood, etc etc. you never saw this IMPORTANT this is a fanfic of his character/personality on the smp, not him as a real person. If he were to sta...
You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic) by SeptiplierGeek16
You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic)by Mia Faith Hernandez
He has an amazing gift. The gift to make friends, even with an enemy. He doesn't need a lot of words if any words at all, he can change the way people think with his...
Masked Ninja by UmbreonGamer1
Masked Ninjaby Anime Dreamer
Naruto wears a mask. Not a physical one but one of emotion. He appears to others as an an idiotic, knucklehead. But underneath the mask he is actually smart, strong, and...
Naruto's secret mask by Kyuubi_Girl
Naruto's secret maskby Demon Ruler
EDITING I do not own anything except the story line. Also this is my first story!! Kyuubi_Girl owns the story line anyone who takes my idea is to give me full credit...
The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
Do it to me || Brahms Heelshire X Reader by prexiousanity
Do it to me || Brahms Heelshire 🍜
[Completed] A town which you didn't know. You ran away from your parents, traveled to different towns all on your own. Town by town, so many nice people towards you but...
The Hidden Mask by jarodlikestowrite
The Hidden Maskby Spawn of Satan
After failing to bring Sasuke back, Naruto is ridiculed by his peers. Seeing as how people don't appreciate him, he gives up on his dream to be Hokage and leaves the vil...
CUREDby vonbabygirl
🤷🏽‍♀️read please🤷🏽‍♀️
Jason Voorhees x Male by Cam0rra
Jason Voorhees x Maleby Zambi3
Jason Voorhees forever haunted camp crystal lake. Murdering anyone who step foot on his ground. Blake bored of his mundane life comes looking for a death wish decides t...
Beastly Beauty ✓ by Hoseokiiss
Beastly Beauty ✓by 𝗸𝗮𝘁
[ JUNG HOSEOK ] Our bodies melded together, chests rising and falling in unity. His eyes poured into mine longingly, desperately, yet the distance between us remained un...