You're insecure

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💙 Goggles 💙

"Y/n? Are you okay? You haven't ate anything all day..." Goggles said, cuddling up to you as you read a book.

"Yeah. I'm just not hungry." Just as you said that, your stomach grumbled.

"Your tummy says otherwise..." Goggles smiled, "Let's go out to eat!"

"No no no... I'm really not hungry." You said as Goggles pulled your arm.

"C'mon, why not?" Goggles pouted.

"Because I'm too fat. I need to lose weight..." You sighed.

"Who the heck told you that???" Goggles stopped pulling on your arm, instead just holding your hand. "Whoever said that is totally wrong!"

"You don't have to lie Goggles."

"I'm not lying! You're the prettiest girl I ever met..." Goggles cupped your hand in both of his.

"You haven't met many girls then..." You took your hand back and layed on your side for a nap, and Goggles snuggled up next to you, hugging you tightly.

💚 Rider 💚

You sighed, staring at your computer screen.

[ ....Ew... ]
[ Delet this ]
[ It's gonna be a yikes from me dawg. ]

More messages commenting on your appearance. You began to get more self conscious lately, wearing more conservative clothing. At this point, you didn't even bother trying to look nice every day; what's the point if I'm still going to be ugly? You got up and went to the bathroom. Rider walked in while you were in there and read the rude messages on your screen. He sat down on the chair and deleted every single one of them, and blocked all the people.

"What're you doing..?" You asked, emerging from the bathroom.

"Protecting you... Don't listen to those jerks..." Rider said. He looked pissed.

"Okay..." You watched him grab his Gold Dynamo roller

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hit list to cross out." Rider left, nearly steaming with rage.

💘 Army 💘

"C'mon Y/n, get out of bed. You need to train for the tournament." Army shook your shoulders.

"What's the point, I'm not going to get any better." You covered your head with your blanket irritatedly.

"Not with that mindset... Instead of focusing on your bad qualities, maybe try focusing on how to improve." Army suggested.

"I can't."

"I'll help you, just come with me." Army pulled on your arm and you groaned, getting out of bed and to training with him.

💗 Aloha 💗

"Are you done changing yet Y/n? It's been 30 minutes..." Aloha called through the bathroom door. You nervously looked in the mirror. Aloha got you a revealing swimsuit, and you hated how your body looked in it. You though it would look better on a girl like Octo-chan.

"N- No!" You yelled back. You knew you couldn't hide in the bathroom forever. Your cell phone only has so much charge and you didn't bring your charger with you of course.

"C'mon, it doesn't take this long to try on a swimsuit! I'm coming in." Aloha grabbed a bobby pin from on top if the nearby dresser and began to fiddle with the lock on the door.

"N- No! I'm naked! I'm not done!" You grabbed a towel from the rack and covered your body with it just as Aloha opened the door.

"I knew it, why were you just sitting in here?" Aloha noticed the bikini straps from under the towel.

"I'm not done..." You blushed and pulled the towel up more.

"Lier~" Aloha yanked the towel off of you unexpectedly, and you let out a distressed noise and covered your chest with your arms.

"Th- That was mean..!" You blushed heavier.

"Did you not want me to see your beautiful body?" Aloha got closer and hugged you, rubbing his hands over your skin.

"N- No... I didn't..." You buried your face in his shoulder.

"I think you look beautiful, don't hide your hotness from me, kay?" He patted your back and smiled down at you.


It was 2 AM and you were sitting at the kitchen table, eating spoonfuls of frosting straight out of the can. Tiredly, you and Mask played super Mario co op on your DS's.

"Y/n... Haaave I eveeeer told you that youuuu're beeeaaauuutiffull?" Mask gazed at you both lovingly and tiredly.

"Mmph... An obvious lie." You said, eating another spoon of the frosting.

"Whaaaaaat..? Nooo... I'd neeeeever lie to you..." Mask said, this time more disappointed.

"K..." You said, ignoring him.

"I don't knooooow who told you ooooootherwise, but they were wrooooooong..." Mask reached over the table and held your hand, lightly rubbing on it.

"I dunno. The only people who said otherwise are you and my mother. And moms are supposed to say that." You averted your eyes to prevent your emotions from spilling.

"But dooooooo those people still caaaare about you? No, they dooont..." He held your hand tighter, locking his fingers around yours and using his thumb to reassuringly rub yours.

"Fine, whatever. I'm beautiful." You sighed, and Mask smiled under his gas mask.

💛 Prince 💛

"Hey Y/n, do you wanna share a cupcake with me?" Prince asked, entering your room with a cupcake on a plate.

"Nah... I'm getting too fat." You said, even though you wanted that cupcake.

"Fat..? No..." Prince sat the plate down on a table and walked over to you and pinched your tummy.

"D- Don't do that..." You pushed his hands away.

"Sorry... But you're not fat Y/n." Prince frowned at you.

"Fine... But I'm going on a diet..." You turned away from him.

"Alright... But you have to enjoy yourself sometime..." Prince gave you a kiss on your head and left with his cake.

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