Your first Valentine's Day

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💙 Goggles 💙

You and Goggles were lounging around at home like any other normal day.  You'd bought him a present and planned to give it to him once he made his move, but it was already early evening and nothing special happened.  So you decided to just give it to him.

"Hey, Goggles,  Happy Valentine's day!" You pulled out your present, a jar of pickled plums.

"It's Valentine's day today?" Goggles said, totally clueless.

"You forgot?!" Your mouth dropped.

"Hehe...  Yeah.  But thanks for the food!" He took your present and popped the jar open, eating the plums.

"But...  Aren't we going to do something together?" You asked, slightly disappointed.

"Oh!  Okay!  Let's go!" Goggles suddenly grabbed your hand an dragged you out of the house, taking you to your favorite restaurant and buying you gifts with every cent in his pocket.

💚 Rider 💚

Rider showed up at your door on Valentine's day morning, a bouquet of (favorite flowers) in his arms.

"Hey uh...  I thought we could maybe go roller skating or something?" He said, looking away shyly.

"Roller skating?  Heck yeah!" You ran inside and got ready quickly, then went off with your boyfriend to the skating arena.

"So many hearts..." Rider said, looking around the arena, which was decorated in red, white, and pink hearts for the holiday.

"Leggo leggo leggo leggo~" You dragged Rider onto the arena unexpectedly, causing him to fall almost on top of you.

"Trying to be cliche?" Rider helped you back up on your feet and held your hand as you started to skate.  You both practiced different fancy moves for hours and then went out to dinner after.

💘 Army 💘

You arrived home to the aroma of food; it smelled like fresh baked bread and curry.  When you walked into the kitchen, Army was at the stove, making his signature curry and pulling out freshly baked bread from the oven.  When he seen you, he rushed over and pushed you out of the room.

"Hey, hey!  It's not quite done yet!  Gimme some more time please!" He said as he ushered you out.  You sighed and sat on the couch; smelling the food was torture for your empty tummy. 

"Dinner's ready~!" Army finally called from the kitchen and you ran in.  All of your favorite foods were displayed on the table neatly.

"Happy Valentine's day~" "Army hugged you from the side as your mouth was dropped, lightly kissing your cheek.

"Th- Thank you!" You hugged him back tightly and you both sat down at the table to eat.  At the end of dinner you were stuffed to the brim; and he also got you a very pretty necklace.

💗 Aloha 💗

Valentine's day morning, you woke up to the smell of breakfast.  But something seemed strange; your bed didn't feel the same.  You opened your eyes groggily and realized...  You were in a hotel.  A fancy hotel, colored white, pink, and red to be exact.  As you sat up, Aloha tackled you.

"Happy Valentine's day Y/n~!" Aloha smiled and kissed you.

"How did you take me here..?" You asked, still sleepy.

"I carried ya~" Aloha sprang up from the bed and began to show you the room he'd rented.

"This place has everything~!  Food, movies, wifi, a Wii,  and whatever this stick is....  But they got everything!" Aloha said excitedly.

"A Wii?!" You sprang up from the bed as well.

"Yeah~!" Aloha turned on the TV, which had uh...  A lot of skin, then he turned to the Wii channel and chucked a remote at you.

"Aw yeah boi!" You hopped off the bed and joined him in front of the TV.  You both played games all day, and ate a ton of food.


Mask sighed, lounging back on the couch.  He'd been procrastinating all month, and now it was Valentine's day.  Panic was setting in, because he knew you'd be upset if he did nothing.  He shuffled through various ideas in mind, settling on making you some sort of dessert.

"What am I thinkiiiiing...  I can't cooooook..." He thought for a moment, then picked up a familiar cartridge from the coffee table; Cooking Mama.  He popped it into his DS and scrolled through the menu, settling on making an apple pie.  DS in hand, he rummaged through the kitchen and found almost all of the ingredients.

You didn't have a pie tin lying around, so he grabbed a square shaped pan.  There wasn't any pie crust around either, so he just layered some slices of bread on it.  Then he did the rest normally, just as the game said. 

"Pleaassse turn out gooood..." Mask opened the oven; the pie was pretty good looking on the outside at least.  He quickly cleaned up the kitchen, and just as he was setting up the table, you arrived home.

"Masky~!" You cooed and walked inside the kitchen, "Ooh, what's that?"

"I made you a piiiiie~" Mask sat down on one of the chairs and you sat across from him.

"Oh boy, what flavor?" You asked.

"Appleeee~" Mask served you a peice, and you tried some.

"Hm, not bad!  Good job!" You smiled at Mask, which in turn made him smile a little bit too under his mask.

💛 Prince 💛

Prince sat at the kitchen table, surrounded by lace and hearts.  He'd cut out a large yellow heart, and wrote on it "I love you, Y/n~!" and was decorating it; he put a cute lace border around the edges, used heart stamps, glitter, and confetti...  Until it was perfect.  The perfect Valentine for his perfect girlfriend.  He smiled at his work and cleaned up his mess, then went for you to wake up.

"Y/n..?" Prince gently shook you awake and you sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

"Good morning Prince~" You smiled groggily at him. 

"Happy Valentine's day!" He pulled out his Valentine for you and smiled brightly.

"Aw~!  Thank you!" You admired it and gave Prince a loving hug.  Afterwards he took you out to breakfast and showered you with gifts.

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