When you first met

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💙 Goggles 💙

You were on a losing streak again.  After being defeated horribly by team Blue, you gave up, heading to the plaza.  As you were sitting on a bench outside the tower, Goggles approached you.

"We should rematch sometime!  You didn't seem to be having very much fun that last match!" He said with a smile, giving you a Crust Bucket receipt with his phone number on it.  He nagged you every day after until you have in, and he invited you to join team Blue.

💚 Rider 💚

You were waiting in the lobby for the next map rotation.  You were texting your friend, and they brought up how a friend of theirs was in desperate need of a substitute teammate.  You took up the offer, and joined a tournament with Rider.  You won your first tournament together, and he called you up many times after to substitute.  Eventually he asked you to join team Yellow Green, and you accepted.

💗 Aloha 💗

There was a party taking place in Mahi Mahi Resort.  You didn't care much for it though.  You just wanted to scope out the stage before an upcoming tournement.  As you were looking around the place, an inkling with pink hair approached you.

"Hey, is that a (weapon)?  Super fresh sis!" He said. 

"Thanks, your .52 Gal is pretty cool too." You replied.

"Y'know, I bet a (length) range weapon like that would mix in well with our team.  How about you join?" He suggested.  You weren't on a team with anyone else at the time, so you accepted. 

💘 Army 💘

You were sitting in the turf war lobby, minding your own business.  Team orange was in the lobby as well, but missing one teammate.  Army seemed pretty angry at this, and before you knew it, his finger was pointed at you.

"You.  We need a teammate." Army said to you.

"Okay..?" You agreed to be a substitute teammate for him since you didn't have anything better to do.  After he noticed your skill level, he brought you into team Orange as a substitute member.


You had just moved in a new apartment and your wifi wasn't installed yet, and wouldn't be for a while.  You wanted to play Splatoon though, so you brought your Switch to a public library to use the internet there.  You were sitting on a comfy couch near the manga section, and Mask also just so happened to be there.  As you were playing, Mask walked up to you.

"Is that a Switch?" He asked.  He looked a little intimidating with his Mask on, but he seemed pretty chill.

"Yeah?" You replied, taking off your headphones.

"We should play together sometime." He said, handing you a squid bookmark with his phone number on it.  You both played games online together, and eventually you joined team Cyan with him.

💛 Prince 💛

You were struggling a bit financially at the time, turf wars and ranked weren't going your way and you could pay your rent.  You started working at a cafe.  Every day, you'd see the same short boy walk in- Prince.  He'd order his sweets and sit at his usual window table contently, watching the cephalopods outside.  You secretly thought he was adorable, but you were too shy to talk to him.  But one day, he left his iconic white jacket on his chair.  You slipped a handful of candy into the pocket and ran after him, grabbing his wrist.

"Hey, uhm...  You forgot this..." You said, giving him his jacket.

"Oh..!  Thank you!" He replied.  He walked away happily with it, and you walked back to the cafe.  The next day, he sparked a conversation with you, thanking you for the candy and telling you about how his brother was mad because his teammate left.  You offered to be a substitute, and you both grew close.

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