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Dig (A Holes Fanfiction) by InternetKidz00
Dig (A Holes Fanfiction)by InternetKidz00
Well, I guess if you do something wrong you have to make up for it right? Well I never thought that I'd actually get sent to a stupid camp! I thought it was some stupid...
  • squid
  • stanley
  • zero
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A holes fanfiction (Squid) by mysterygirl19h26
A holes fanfiction (Squid)by mysterygirl19h26
Faith Young Summers has been sentenced to an all boys camp called Camp greenlake for 18 months, but she doesn't dare to let anybody in, but what happens if she catches t...
  • zigzag
  • xray
  • armpit
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Squid(y/n) by flapjackmorde
Squid(y/n)by flapjackmorde
Hentai for the lovely
  • hentai
  • squid
Splatoon Harem by ZyonJett
Splatoon Haremby ZyonJett
This is a story or harem with one male inkling as he's picked for being agent 4 Him and the old agent 3 are forced to go up against the octerian army. But it just so hap...
  • marie
  • callie
  • harem
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Clumsy. by DialDiva
Clumsy.by DialDiva
"Next time, I promise I won't fall on you!" - - - - - ...
  • mask
  • xreader
  • skull
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Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshots by crispysquidring
Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshotsby i miss leafyishere
nothing personnel, squid
  • octoling
  • love
  • s4
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Green Mountain Dew (SQUIP x Reader) by ghostieboii
Green Mountain Dew (SQUIP x Reader)by The Jon is Best
I freaking love the SQUIP, so why not make an x Reader for it? Also, in this SQUIP is a he, and reader is gender neutral. This will have some serious feels at some point...
  • michaelmakesanentrance
  • squip
  • michael
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✭Splatoon Manga✭ X Reader One-Shots✭ by eroticsquid
✭Splatoon Manga✭ X Reader One-Shot...by .
❣Request-Box: CLOSED❣ Henlo, squiddish manga fans! Here you'll see the collection with manga-one shots, which are all written by me: eroticsquid. Feel free to request an...
  • boyxgirl
  • manga
  • cringe
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Splatoon2 : Human Terrestrial (RE-freshed) by tynadoblueyt
Splatoon2 : Human Terrestrial (RE...by _TYRA_
In 10 thousand years in the future, due to rising water levels, sea creatures mainly cephalopods have evolved rapidly into Humanoid versions of themselves known as 'Inkl...
  • marina
  • octoexpansion
  • splatoon
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MAC: The Twisted Alternative || COMPLETE by Amy-is-me
MAC: The Twisted Alternative || CO...by Amy
In a twisted alternative.. Stampy and Squid live and work together in a large apartment in no other city than New York in Manhattan. On Christmas Day, Squid stumbles acr...
  • magicanimalclub
  • sqaisheyquack
  • sqaishey
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Hogwarts, Giant Squids and Sirius Black by OliAndTheDiamonds
Hogwarts, Giant Squids and Sirius...by B
Abigail Elston is a normal sixteen year old, except for the fact that she goes to Hogwarts and is despised by Sirius Black. Her plan for sixth year is to study and pass...
  • slughorn
  • abigail
  • love
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Splatoon Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Splatoon Boyfriend Scenariosby PomPomPurinsu
❥Scenarios between you and your favorite Splatoon manga characters! Requests closed! Characters inklude, Goggles, Rider, Aloha, Army, Mask, and Prince!
  • rider
  • xreader
  • mask
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Stampy, Sqaishey, Squid e.c.t here are some updates, facts and my general opinions on them.
  • squid
  • stampyandsquid
  • facts
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Total Drama Minecraft Returns by Radishologist
Total Drama Minecraft Returnsby Todd
Fourth season of "Total Drama Minecraft"! 22 Minecraft animals face each other in an epic season of Total Drama for one million emeralds. And they're back on t...
  • enderman
  • tdi
  • totaldrama
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*Holes Fanfic* Camp Green Lake by CrazyForSlimShady
*Holes Fanfic* Camp Green Lakeby Chloe Best
Hailie is sent to Camp Green Lake an all boys detention camp. How will the boys react having a girl around and will she be able to look after herself or will she need so...
  • barfbag
  • squid
  • swearing
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- Splatoon 2 : Human-terrestrial - by tynadoblueyt
- Splatoon 2 : Human-terrestrial -by _TYRA_
In 10 thousand years in the future, due to rising water levels, sea creatures mainly squid have evolved rapidly into Humanoid versions of themselves known as 'Inklings'...
  • human-terrestrial
  • squid
  • nintendo
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(Splatoon Yuri OC pairing) Mirimo X Shiro by Reshi-Chan-Writes
(Splatoon Yuri OC pairing) Mirimo...by Reshi H8s Templars.
A small one-shot (with some two/three parters) book about my gay squids. There will be SMUT. I will tag which ones are smut so you can either avoid them or read only the...
  • ocships
  • lesbians
  • yuri
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A Year with Sqampy by Just_Nerdy_Enough
A Year with Sqampyby Hannah
Sqaishey is a huge fan of the MAC, especially StampyLongNose. One day, she make a video that changes her whole life for the better. However, will her past stop her from...
  • sqaishey
  • magicanimalclub
  • amy
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✭Splatoon Manga✭Goggles X Rider✭ by eroticsquid
✭Splatoon Manga✭Goggles X Rider✭by .
❣Splatoon (Manga) Fanfiction Story: Emotional Sidekick❣ Goggles, the clumsy, pickled plum addicted blue idiot and Rider, the aggressive hawt looking yellow-green inkling...
  • fluff
  • characterxcharacter
  • ships
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ReaderxSplatoonManga   by sunsprite16
ReaderxSplatoonManga by
You were a human teenage girl who loved the Splatoon manga ... the next thing you know you become an Inkling! To your absolute delight, you befriend Rider and the Blue T...
  • inkling
  • completed
  • love
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