They get drunk

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// More collab work with witherstorm12

💙 Goggles 💙

You wouldn't think a simple shopping trip would result in a drunk Goggles, but it did.  He went shopping with Glasses, since he needed new gear and Glasses was more experienced in the stats.  You were sitting on the couch, watching a movie, when you heard a knock at the door.  When you opened, there stood Glasses with a wobbly Goggles next to him.

"Yeah...  He got drunk." He said.

"What?!  How?!" You said, both shocked and confused.

"Well...  I went to the bathroom and lost him.  He went to the liquor store and downed at least an entire bottle of wine and stumbled outside.  I had to pay $50 on wine for this guy!" He explained.  You sighed and took Goggles inside.

"Oh well, nothing you can do." You closed the door and Goggles fell on the floor.

"Goggles, what were you thinking?" You asked, dragging him by his arms to the bed.

"GRAPE JUICE!!!" He yelled, nearly exploding your eardrums.

"Jeez..." You carried him onto the bed and turned on the TV, laying next to him.

"LET'S WATCH SQUID GORLS!!" Goggles lunged for the remote, changing the channel to a Squid Sisters concert, "YEEEAH THIS IS MY SOOOONG!!!"

"Hey Goggles calm down, the neighbors are gonna call the cops on us." You said, grabbed his hands and pushing him back onto the bed.

"DANCE WITH MEE!!" He grabbed you hand and yanked it around.

"Ow!  That hurts!!" You tried to yank your hand back but it was no use.  Eventually, after lots of screaming, he passed out on the bed.

💚 Rider 💚

Team yellow green were celebrating another victory.  Their competitors weren't too happy and decided to replace his grape drink with wine.  He didn't notice, since that's been the first time he'd drank that brand.  By the time he'd finished the drink, he was standing on the couch singing bomb rush blush with the other members.  You knew something was up, so you took the lid off his drink and sniffed it...  It smelled like alcohol.  Just then, Rider stumbled off the couch, falling on the floor and passing out. 

"Is he okay?" Bamboo Hat got down from the couch and poked him.

"Oh cod..." School Uniform looked down at he body on the floor. 

"He's had enough for tonight..." You sighed and dragged him into your bed.

💗 Aloha 💗


It was utter chaos.  Nearly everyone at the party was acting obnoxious- not just partying obnoxious, dangerously obnoxious.  You grabbed Aloha's arm just as he was about to take a leap off of the diving board while fully clothed.

"Heeeey~ Don't ruin the fuuuuun~!" Aloha slurred, pulling weakly against your hand.

"We're getting out of here." You said, pulling him back with you.

"Are you gonna take advantage of meeeee~?" He slurred again.  You sighed.

"Don't be shyyy~ I know I'm hooot~!" You brought him inside and tossed him onto your bed, where he looked you up and down.

"You're pretty hot toooo~!" He said with a drunken smirk.  You shook your head and layed next to him.  He nibbled on your shoulder before passing out in your chest.

💘 Army 💘

"C'mon, drink it!" Aloha urged, pushing a glass of what appeared to be grape soda towards Army.

"For the last time Aloha, I'm not drinking your gross pop." Army scribbled in his manual.  Aloha got up from his chair and quickly grabbed Army's manual and ran off to the edge of the pool, dangling it above water.

"No!  Give it back damnit!" Army ran after Aloha.

"Not until you drink the whole glass~" Aloha teased.  Army scoffed and grabbed the cup, downing it all and snatching his manual back and returning to his chair.  Aloha, along with the rest of team pink giggled quietly. 

After a few minutes, Army was acting kind of strange.  He was slurring his words and his face was flushed.

"Gotta write this in mah manuaaaaaal...  Hiccup..!" Army slurred and scribbled in his notebook.

"Army, are you okay?  You're acting weird..." You placed your hand on Army's red face.  He was warm.

"Ooh, curryyy maaaan!  Is that youuuuuu..?" He tackled you and snuggled into your chest.

"What the...  What did you put in that drink?!" You yelled at team pink, who was laughing in a huddle.

"Mm~ Hot!  Just like currrry!" He nuzzled further in you.  You sighed and dragged him out of the party and took him home.


You and Mask ran to the convenience store a few minutes before they closed for the night and bought a ton of snacks.  You both were planning on staying up all night speed running games together and eating snacks, until Mask started acting strange.  He went to the bathroom and didn't come out for a long time, so you got up to check on him.  The door was still open, and you saw Mask holding a pair of your panties.

"What're you doing with those?!" You asked, red with embarrassment.

"Heeeeeeeeeey, give em baaaaaaaack~ They smell niiiiiiiiiiice~" He slurred and tried to grab them back.

"What the heck Mask!  That's creepy..." You hid your panties away from him and Mask started to hiccup uncontrollably.  You thought something was in his drink, and noticed that his apple juice had alcohol in it.

"Mask!  You're drunk!" You said, tossing the drink away.  He must've accidentally grabbed it while you were rushing through the store.  After a bunch of hiccuping, he got really tired and started to wobble, so you took him to bed where he passed out.

💛 Prince 💛

"Uwaaaa..!  Y/n...  I'm useless!  Why do you even love meeeee..." Prince whined, tears running down his face.

"For the millionth time, I do love you.  More than words can express." You sighed, Prince was never usually this emotional...  You took a look at the lemonade he'd been drinking... 

"Prince, this is hard lemonade..!  You're drunk!" You said, tossing it in the trash and looking for him.  You found him shoving a plastic fork in an outlet.

"Prince, stop that, it's dangerous..!" You picked him up and brought him into your room, laying him on your bed and cuddling him.  He sobbed into your chest, crying himself to sleep as you hugged him tightly.

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