You get hurt

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💙 Goggles 💙

You and Goggles decided to grab some Crusty Seanwiches for lunch after a long day of turf war. Goggles sat at a table while you went to get the food. When you turned around and walked back to the table, a jellyfish cut in front of you on a skateboard, making you trip and fall. Your food flew out of your hands, and Goggles rushed to you aid.

"Y/n! Are you dead?!" Goggles said.

"No but I want to be..." You sat up and looked at the food splayed across the pavement with tears in your eyes.

"Oh no your knees!" Goggles grabbed your leg worriedly.

"Owie owie owie they sting!" You hissed.

"Oops, sorry!" He dropped your leg and you stood up, brushing off the pebbles that had stuck to your knees. Crusty Sean gave you both a new Seanwhich, after you cleaned up of course.

💚 Rider 💚

You begged Rider to teach you how to use his Dynamo roller. He eventually let you try it.

"Firmly grasp it." Rider said, positioning your hands on the heavy roller's handle.

// Kill me for that reference.

"Alright I'll let go now." Rider said. You prepared to bear the weight of the weapon as he let go of it. When he let go, you fell backwards from the weight, falling on your head.

"Y/n! I told you I was letting go!" Rider said, rushing to your aid. You sat up and rubbed your head.

"Uwa... How do you even carry that thing..." You whined. Rider sighed.

"Let's get some ice..." Rider helped you up, grabbed his roller, and held your hand as you both walked out of the training room to get an ice pack.

💗 Aloha 💗

You and Aloha were invited to a party together. The venue for the party had a pool in it. After a splash war, you and Aloha got out of the pool to take pictures and eat. As you followed after Aloha, you slipped and fell backwards, hitting the back of your head.

"Owie owie owie!" You said, holding the back of your head. Aloha didn't seem to notice, as he was caught up taking selfies.

"Aloha! Your girl fell!" One of the party goers said.

"Oh! Y/n!" Aloha ran up to you, nearly slipping as well, "You okay?"

"I think so... It hurts though." You stood up with Aloha.

"Injury selfie!" Aloha said, snapping a photo with his phone.

"Aloha! Now's not the time!" You scolded.

"Ah, yeah, sorry." Aloha replied.

💘 Army 💘

You and Army were doing some Salmon Run together. The salmon weren't particularly rowdy today, so there were barely any bosses. You were sitting on a ledge while Army shot a blaster at some Chum. Suddenly, you felt a strong pinching feeling on your hand. You looked down to see a small fry biting you.

"Owie! Army helllllp!" You said, shaking your hand to try to get the small fry off. Army quickly turned around and shot your face with the blaster, killing the salmonid.

"Are you okay?" Army said, looking at your hand.

"Yeah. Thanks for saving me!" You smiled. Army blushed and looked away.


You and Mask were attending the usual S4 meeting.  Aloha and Army were having a heated debate as usual, while you and Mask dozed off.  You had your head on your hand, propping it up with your elbow.  As you drifted asleep, your head dropped and you smacked your head on the table.

"Shit..." You cursed, rubbing your head.  Mask heard the sound and started to laugh.

"It's not funny!" You said, giving Mask the death stare.

"Whatever." He replied, leaning back in his chair.

💛 Prince 💛

You were lazing around in bed as usual.  Your phone was at 5% charge and you needed your charger.  You got up to get it, but tripped over one of your other chargers.  Prince heard the sound of you falling from the other room and ran as fast as he could to check on you.

"Y/n-chan?!  Are you okay?" Prince said worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." You said, getting up.

"Thank goodness..." He said.  He cuddled with you a while after that to make you feel better.

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