You go to the beach

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// Hc where there are squid friendly beaches- They're pools that look like a beach with squid friendly chemicals in them.

💙 Goggles 💙

"Beach day, beach day!" Goggles chanted, skipping to the sand with a pool ring around his waist. You followed behind with a cooler full of ice cream and some towels.

"Wait for me, Goggles!" You said, struggling to carry everything. Goggles ran back and helped you.

"What to do first?!" Goggles said excitedly. You looked around before replying.

"Hm... Let's swim!" You said. You both set your things down and Goggles, with a grin on his face, lifted you up above his head and sprinted towards the dock, throwing you in the water. All the while you protesting. After you were dumped in, Goggles jumped in after you.

"What the heck?!" You said in shock, blowing water out of your nose.

"Oops, did you get water up your nose?" Goggles said, scratching the back of his head.

💚 Rider 💚

"It's soooo hooot..." You whined, sprawled out on the floor in front of a box fan. Rider sat on the couch near you, scrolling through his phone.

"Your talking is only making the room hotter." He sighed, leaning back and watching the ceiling fan spin.

"Why don't we go outside somewhere... Like to the beach." You suggested.

"I guess so." Rider replied. You both got your swimsuits on and walked to the beach. When you arrived, you both went into the water and sunk to neck level, cooling off. After you cooled off, you went to shore and started to play in the sand.

"Do you know how to make a sand volcano?" Rider asked. You shook your head no. He tough you how. You made a large sand mountain near the shore and made a tunnel for the water to rise out of the top.

💗 Aloha 💗

You and Aloha we're at a beach party. After an of water volleyball, you both sat on the sand with some drinks playing tic tac toe in the sand. You won most of the time.

"It's your turn..." You said.

"Yeah..." Aloha replied, hand on his chin. He still didn't make a move after a while, only staring at the board.

"Aloha..? Aloooohaaaa?" You said, waving your hand in front of his face. Nothing. You poked his cheek, nothing. You grabbed his shoulders and shook him, nothing. You sighed and sat back down. After a few minutes, he finally moved, drawing an x in the sand.

💘 Army 💘

Army brought team orange to the beach for training because they were complaining about the heat.

"Hey, hey! We're not here to play!" Army yelled after the team, who was having a splash fight.

"Why don't you take a break?" You said to Army.

"Fine..." He sighed. You both sat down on the sand and starting building a castle.  Unknown to you, Army is actually really good at making sand castles, and you both made one big enough for a small child.


You and Mask went to the beach to cool off on a hot day, but immediately after you arrived, Mask fell asleep on the sand.  You tried to wake him up, but he shooed you away.  You sighed and thought of what to do, and then decided to make sleeping Mask into a mermaid.  You buried his lower body in sand and made a tail at the end, then you took some seashells and made them into scales.  As soon as you had finished and took a picture, he woke up.

"What the..?" He said, sitting up a little and looking at the masterpiece you'd created.

💛 Prince 💛

"Y/n, Y/n!  Look at this one!  It's so pretty!" Prince said, picking up another seashell.  He held it up to show you.

"It is!  It's a little shiny too." You replied.  Prince clunked it onto his bucket and walked along the beach to find more.  

"Y/n!  I found a message in a bottle!" Prince said, picking up a plastic bottle with a paper inside.  You opened it, and Prince read the letter out loud.

"If you're reading this, you're gay..." He read, "I thought it would be something cool from the past!" He sighed.  

"Oh well." You chucked the bottle and note into a nearby trash can and continued on the shell hunt.

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