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Truce (error x ink) by ZombieKitty2
Truce (error x ink)by Dead Cat
The god of destruction has finally convinced the creator to a truce, but why? and what will Ink do with his time now he can't create? Forced God of Destruction idea belo...
Au Sans Boyfriend Scenarios by The_Skeleton_Simp
Au Sans Boyfriend Scenariosby God Of Destruction
What Would You Do If A Certain Skeleton Was In Love With You. Who Would It Be? Would He Be Cinnamon roll likeBlueberry? Or A Sinnamon Roll Like Raspberry?
Transported as Ink Sans (Forced God of Creation) by HyperFixtionSucks202
Transported as Ink Sans (Forced HyperFixtionSucks202
Someone dies and is reborn as Ink Sans. But something's different... their born as a Forced God of Creation. Waking up in the Doodle-Spear with voices yelling at them an...
Ticklish Ink!Sans One-Shots by Violet_Royale
Ticklish Ink!Sans One-Shotsby Drew
Tick from Tickletale gets drunk one night and accidently reveals that Ink is the most ticklish Sans he's ever gotten. Word spreads surprisingly quick in the multiverse...
A Supposedly Impossible Friendship by ImJustHereHihi
A Supposedly Impossible Friendshipby 𝙻 𝚎 𝚖 𝚘 𝚗
What if both Error and Ink know about the balances? They both want a truce, but Fate wont let them. And if they try to tell someone, Fate just switches up their words in...
Silver Soul (Aus Sans x Reader ) by HoundoomE
Silver Soul (Aus Sans x Reader )by HoundoomE
Life can be hell for people who are different. This holds true especially for you. After you fell down a hole at the top of Mt. Ebott you turn back into a ten year old...
A Tiny Error by Doryzitter
A Tiny Errorby Doryzitter
Error has gone through multiple hells since the day he woke up in the Anti-Void. Sci and Blueberry still believe in him, but that's little consolation when he faces a br...
Not his world anymore~ XTale Chara x reader [book 1/2] by Spooky_scary_Sam
Not his world anymore~ XTale yep
(Underverse and XTale belong to Jael Peñaloza! All other AUs belong to their respective creators!) [gender neutral so more people can enjoy!] This story is in the proces...
ErrorInk Oneshots  by PurrInk
ErrorInk Oneshots by Clouds
Error and Ink love each other, but that doesn't stop them from ruining each other's lives. There may be grammar and spelling mistakes, some things might not make any sen...
reincarnated as corrupt nightmare by nelliesheerin
reincarnated as corrupt nightmareby Karina Sheerin
you died and when you wake up your in a completely different world the one of dreamtale as a goest trying your best to help nighty survive the abuse the villagers put hi...
Becoming A Dream by PastaGod_Italy
Becoming A Dreamby Pasta_Birb
Chance didn't like how the story of Dreamtale became. So in one of his famous break ins, he decides to do another flip you at Fate by giving the twins something they did...
Dark paint [insane ink x error rewrite] by trixielovesick
Dark paint [insane ink x error Kesh
UwU Its been 4 years since the truce and ink cant create. This makes the creators mad.. And in a way.. Ink too. Trigger warnings: self harm, strong language and sin. R...
Fresh New Antivirus by Hidden-Ajinn
Fresh New Antivirusby Hidden Ajinn
Fresh is Admin of the Multiverse!? This can't end well ... or can it? This is an alternate universe - er, multiverse - where Fresh is responsible for the monitoring and...
Sea World by edman96
Sea Worldby edward man
Error, Null, and Void landed in a new multiverse after falling in the void from seeing ink's counterpart in Mobtale toriels home. They landed in a new multiverse and too...
Love over hate (inkmare/nightink) by trixielovesick
Love over hate (inkmare/nightink)by Kesh
When nightmare is told he isn't a king, he must marry to become one. He doesn't care about who, he just wants the name. Will he find love? Welp that changes when he fin...
Tattoo Boy ||  j.jk + ✓ by Taemazing21
Tattoo Boy || j.jk + ✓by •Megan•
"M-m-mr? How long are you going to keep staring at me?" - K.TH "As long as it takes for you to bring that plump ass of yours over here to my lap, beautif...
| Inked | (George Weasley) by Jamie_writes_
| Inked | (George Weasley)by Jamie
Olive Lark was the most introverted and shy person you'd meet at Hogwarts. With a rather heavy addiction to writing and a small ring of friends, you would never find her...
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do flemingsara
[UNDER CORRECTION] You're a young and hopeful voice actress in your late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a quite peaceful life until your sister, Allison, a...
~Sanscest Oneshots~ by Shhshsuudy
~Sanscest Oneshots~by Shhshsuudy
Requests open! Fluff: ☁️ Angst: 🖤 Crack: 💥 Sin/Lemon: 🍋 #2 in sanscestoneshots on Friday 16th April 2021 #1 in sanscestoneshots on Tuesday 15th June 2021
✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone Within the Ink #Wattys2019 by MaskedDragon533
✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone MaskedDragon533
Female reader! Completed! Everyone knows about Bendy; how he is a dangerous monster that stalks and attacks Henry. But what if I told you those stories were wrong, that...