You get matching shirts

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// Btw, the artist of this beautiful art is -Teolun

💙 Goggles 💙

You and Goggles went shopping for new gear since his slipped off and got lost.

"Y/n! Look, they're matching!" He said, holding up two shirts. One had a pizza with the left half missing, and one with a pizza with the right half missing.

"Aw! Let's be matching!" You said. You both bought the shirts and wore them to turf war.

💚 Rider 💚

Goggles stole Riders clothes again, so you both went to the store to buy replacements. While Rider was looking through the clothes, you found matching shirts. One had the word Salt inside of a shaker and the other had the word Pepper inside of a shaker. As you took the shirts off the rack, Rider immediately said no.

"Why not?" You asked.

"Because it'll make me look like an idiot." He replied.

"C'mon. You won't look like an idiot. I love you~" You said.

"Ugh. No." He groaned.

"You WILL wear this shirt and you'll like it and we'll take pictures and do turf war together." You stated. Before he could say no, you went to pay for the shirts and forced Rider to wear it to turf war with you. Of course he wore the salt one. He blushed the entire day, but didn't take it off.

💗 Aloha 💗

"Y/n!" You heard Aloha say as he walked in the door. He went grocery shopping while you stayed home.

"Yay, you're home!" You said, skipping up to him. Aloha set his bags down and started to dig through them.

"Look what I found!" He said, pulling out two shirts. One said Peanut butter in tan letters and the other said jelly in purple letters.

"Oh my gosh!" You said, taking your peanut butter shirt.

"We need to wear these to the party tomorrow!" Aloha suggested.

"Heck yeah!" You replied. You and Aloha wore the shirts often to turf war or parties and even bought more after that.

💘 Army 💘

"This is... Unusual..." Army said, looking at you both in the mirror. You both were wearing shirts covered in hearts with heart clips in your tentacles.

"Unusual? It's cute!" You said, hugging him.

"Cute..?" Army blushed, "Well... What do we do now?"

"Well... How about some turf war?" You suggested. Army sighed and called two more teammates and you played turf war in your matching outfits.


You and Mask went to the store to buy new clothes. While you were searching through the clearance bin, you found two matching shirts. One had the word Netflix on it, and the other said chill.

"Hey, hey, Masky." You said, poking at Mask as he almost fell asleep on a chair.

"Hm?" He replied, opening one eye.

"We should wear these together!" You showed him the two shirts.

"Eh... No." He said, closing his eyes again.

"Why noooot!" You whined.

"Because couples shirts are stupid." He said.

"C'mon. Pleeeeeaaaase?" You whined.

"One time." He said. You squealed in happiness and went to pay for the shirts. Mask kept to his word and wore his shirt for one day during training.

💛 Prince 💛

You and Prince were shopping for gear.  As you dug through the racks, you found a shirt that said 'Prince' on it, and a matching one that said 'Princess'.  

"Hey, Prince.  This shirt has your name on it!" You said, showing him the shirts, "and there's a matching one for me too!"

"Wow!  We could be matching!" Prince said smiling.  You both bought the shirts and wore them to training together.  Of course Prince would get an earful from Emperor.

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