You look through their phone

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💙 Goggles 💙

Goggles left the house without his phone once again. You knew he wasn't going to come back for it, he usually doesn't when he forgets things at home. You picked up the phone and decided to snoop. His phone didn't have a password unsurprisingly, so you were easily able to access it. His wallpaper was a picture of you and him when you were at the amusement park. You smiled at it. There were a couple games along with his social media. His phone started blowing up with messages from Specs and Rider about being late, like usual. You opened his gallery, which had a lot of pictures of you and his friends with him. There wasn't much else to really look at, so you put the phone back. Of course he never noticed.

💚 Rider 💚

"I'm gonna run in the shower, be right back." Rider plopped his unlocked phone on the bed and went into the bathroom. You noticed he didn't turn off his phone so you quickly picked it up. He usually had a password so this was your chance to be a creep. Besides a few hundred messages from Goggles, it looked pretty basic. No games or anything. Just a couple social media apps. His background was a basic lime green colored one. You went into his notes; just some stuff about turf. You went into his gallery. His camera roll and about 50 pictures of him and Goggles that looked to be taken by Goggles. He must've stolen his phone at some point, which wouldn't be a surprise. Other than some screenshots of turf stuff, there wasn't anything particularly interesting. You heard the shower turn off and quickly turned off the phone, set it back on the bed how it was before, and pretended to be doing something on your own phone. He never noticed a thing.

💘 Army 💘

*Knock knock*

Army went to go answer the door, where his team was panicking over something or another. He'd left his phone unlocked near you, so you took the opportunity to skim through it. His phone wallpaper was a basic landscape and he only had the basic apps and a couple social medias. You looked through his notes, unsurprisingly, it was like a backup manual. His camera roll was similar. Some screenshots of information.

"What're you doing on my phone?" Army asked sternly.

"I- I thought it was mine!" You said, panicked.

"I doubt that, but I don't really care if you were spying. I don't have anything to hide." He said, petting your head.

💗 Aloha 💗

After a huge party, Aloha plopped down on the bed next to you and fell asleep, his phone still on from texting one of his many friends. You made sure he was asleep before taking the phone and snooping through it. His background was a selfie with him, you, and the rest of pink team; his closest friends. You went to his gallery and found more selfies; some with just him alone, other with you, and a ton with all of his other friends. You found several pictures of him shirtless, which made your face red. You airdropped them to your own phone for personal uses. You decided to look at his texts too.


[I've had a crush on you for a long time.....]

[Really? Well, sorry but I already have a girlfriend! D:]

You smiled at the conversation. You noticed Aloha starting to wake up so you quickly closed all the apps you opened and put the phone back next to him on the bed before he could see.


You and Mask were sitting next to each other, doing your own thing. He got up and set his phone, still unlocked, on the couch and went to the bathroom. When you heard the door close, you pounce on it and started snooping. Upon picking it up, you immediately noticed his phone wallpaper was softcore porn of an anime girl who had cat ears. Various games littered around the image. You got somewhat jealous of the girl, but only a little because she was fictional after all. You opened his gallery to find thousands of images. He has sorted them into folders, labeled Memes, Ecchi, Porn, and Games. The games folder looked like just some game guide junk, so you didn't bother to look through it. The memes all looked to be edgy. You skipped over the porn section because you didn't want to know. The Ecchi section had more softcore porn, some of them being girls you recognized from games while others you didn't recognize at all; all of them in lewd scenarios.

"What're you doiiing?" You heard Mask say. You didn't notice the door open! You quickly turned off his phone and threw it on the couch.

"I- I was looking for something." You replied.

"Okaaaay..." He sat back down next to you and he unlocked his phone. He mumbled to himself, "I don't remember having my gallery opeeeen..."

💛 Prince 💛

Prince was on his phone, cuddling with you. He fell asleep while playing on it, and you noticed in time before his phone turned off and locked. You carefully took it out of his hands and took a look. He had several popular games like candy crush. His phone background was his team's emblem. You opened his camera roll, which was filled with pictures of animals. Ducks, cats, dogs, everything. You smiled at them. Everything on there was wholesome, so you turned the phone off and placed it carefully back into his hands. Of course he never found out you peeked.

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