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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2: The Farmer (pic of Aliena)

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So the person who tried to steal my story has either deleted her account herself or Wattpad deleted her account. But the situation is all taken care of. I was REALLY upset when I read 'her' story. It was mine. It was just different names and a few changes of words. But instead of freaking out when I read the first chapter I went on to the second. And again. It was mine. So on with the third and fourth. But like I said it's all taken care of now. And that's all that really matters.

I just want to thank you all again, for sticking with my stories and having my back. It means so much You guys don't even know.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Here's the next chapter. I felt a little awkward writing it but I decided the moment for the characters was a little awkward. Especially because the 'good' scientist hints at something to Tony. And of course 11 year old Nikole's reaction the the 20 year old man who is fighting to save her life.

Also some people might get confused as to why this chapter is called 'The Farmer' It refers back to the 'Ugly Duckling Story' April tells to Nikole at the beginning of the book.

I chose the Ugly Duckling because Nikole is different then the shifters. She's human and she is always thought of as not as strong, or fast. But You'll see the meaning behind Nikole's Favorite story more and more as time goes on. And she will most likely refer to Tony as her 'farmer' a lot. If you re-read it you'll see that The farmer is the one who takes the Ugly duckling to the farm where she fits in at the end of the story.

Done. Now enjoy the chapter!


Chapter 2: The Farmer


"Don't touch her!" I yelled, hitting the man as hard as I could with my fists as he held April down beneath him. He shoved me away and I flew back against the bars behind me. I could hear my friends behind me, and I forced myself to get back up. Me being the only one to share a cage with April- well it was a roommates unspoken duty to help you're roommate. Even though I was human by DNA I was a shifter at heart. This was the only family I'd known since my father disowned Ian my older brother- and I wasn't about to let anyone take any other family away from me. I ran and jumped so I landed on the guards back and I dug my nails into his face- unable to see where I was clawing, but knowing I had to get him good.

He jumped to his feet and stumbled backwards I wrapped my legs around his waist and kept my nails embedded in his skin, the smell of his blood was making me nauseous. Then I felt him catch hold of a wad of my long hair and he yanked. The pain shot through my scalp and I screamed. He tossed me roughly into the steel bars again and I laid there for a minute. I couldn't breathe.

I managed to open my eyes, as the Guards steel toed boot slammed into my abdomen and stomach. My breath disappeared again. But I kept my eyes open and I saw him holding a knife. He knelt down and grabbed my hair again pulling me up until we were face to face.

"You're no better then these fucking animals. Are you, Nik? Are you better? How about you show me?" he growled, and his hand holding the knife grabbed both my ancles and I kicked and fought, I could feel the knife slicing through skin and muscle, but I kept fighting.

I thought I'd gotten lucky for a moment as he let go of my legs and raised the knife. Maybe mommy would be happy to see me. There's no more good-byes in heaven, right?

But then his face tightened and he put the knife to his mouth licking my blood from it. Then he smirked at me when I whimpered, "Aren't you excited, Nik? After I'm done with you... You can see how it feels to fuck a knife." He laughed, I could hear my friends snarling and yelling at him to leave me alone. That I was just a little girl. But honestly, none of these 'workers' cared who I was, or if I even lived. They'd gotten what they wanted.

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