My Alpha by Oreocookie333
My Alphaby Sarah
Our eyes meet and it feels as if the world around us has faded away. All I can see are his beautiful eyes that completely pull me in and make me forget everything else...
  • jealous
  • romance
  • mysterious
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Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten by katnisslerman16
Rejected, Replaced & Forgottenby Abigail Lynne
Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who...
  • betrayal
  • mark
  • forget
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Mates With the Devil ✔ by PopcornArmy
Mates With the Devil ✔by Anneka Rose
HIGHEST RANK - #44 in werewolf (8th Nov 2016) "I don't think you understand. I own you; you are mine." He growled in her ear. "I-I rejected you." S...
  • innocent
  • love
  • rogues
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Alphas Angel (completed) by QueenKeely
Alphas Angel (completed)by Keely
I was eating my favourite- sticky chicken wings, when I heard a fierce possessive growl. I thought it was my stomach, possessive over the food, but it wasn't. I knew it...
  • rogues
  • protective
  • pack
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Save me from the darkness (Watty Awards) by live_4_life
Save me from the darkness (Watty Natasha
"Are you afraid of me?" His words came out in a whimper and I flinched away from him. He finally let his forehead rest against mine as he sighed. "You don...
  • fear
  • rogues
  • dislocated
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Defeated (SHY BOOK #2) by ItsWayPastMyBedtimee
Defeated (SHY BOOK #2)by •Tasha•
In a town controlled by fear, Indianna is trying to find a way to survive. The only goal is to take down Rogue, but with him growing stronger everyday it seems impossibl...
  • featured
  • rogues
  • rogue
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Vision by Lauren_Sophie_
Visionby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Benson was always known as a freak. From a young age, her pack shunned her because she was special. Some said she had a blessing, s...
  • wolf
  • alphafemale
  • packs
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we are foxes by annabryceb
we are foxesby anna bryce
Us, me, we, are foxes. We can't help that on our eighteenth birthday our body transforms into that of a fox. We can change into a fox any time we would like but we autom...
  • werewolf
  • red
  • difficult
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For The Alpha by YummyLove00123
For The Alphaby YummyLove00123
Most of her life Jade has been bought and sold. With female wolves being rare, she has always been a sought after commodity. Discover what happens when the only world J...
  • romance
  • packs
  • shift
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Phoenix by sammykitkatcat
Phoenixby sammykitkatcat
[Sequel to Shift.] Phoenix has finally achieved his goal of becoming a superhero, and with a new career and his own office at the Cube everything is going great. However...
  • fiction
  • phoenix
  • superpowers
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OFF LIMITS by ItsWayPastMyBedtimee
OFF LIMITSby •Tasha•
Seven brothers. One sister. Protective is an understatement. Trying to keep Ellery off limits is a lot tougher than they expected, especially when secrets start to unrav...
  • lonewolf
  • nightmare
  • rebel
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Cat Shifter by Caitlin_67
Cat Shifterby \->Me<-/
I stared down at the little beast as it fluttered and tried to escape, I looked at it with one last evil grin and then I.... Damn! The butterfly flew away! I really need...
  • shifter
  • shifting
  • werewolf
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anchor → i. lahey by raekntheo
anchor → i. laheyby cam
ANCHOR i've never loved someone like i love you. © raekntheo florence price [oc] x isaac lahey teen wolf → post season 3 au
  • scottmccall
  • love
  • romance
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She's The Alpha by ToOurStars
She's The Alphaby ToOurStars
She's got it all. She's the soon to be Alpha, she's beautiful, she's successful, she's popular, she's smart, she's got an amazing boyfriend, she's surrounded by awesome...
  • werewolf
  • teen
  • mates
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Pureblood by RandomRedRidingHood
Purebloodby Sky
Leila Atkins was a seemingly normal high school girl, just going into the first day of her Junior year...until a scout called her out. In a world where it isn't discover...
  • highschool
  • fullmoon
  • romance
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My Best Friend's Werewolf by MikaelaBender
My Best Friend's Werewolfby Mikaela Bender
We all know the stories of the girl who was kidnapped by her Mate. She tried to escape. She failed. They fell in love. But what about her best friend? Well, that's me...
  • romance
  • pack
  • homeschool
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Twinkle by queenezice
Twinkleby E.R. Travers
Christmas decorations have always managed to get the best of Kim. On this particular trip to the hospital, a young new doctor stitches her up and unknowingly signs up fo...
  • pack
  • canada
  • thealphaspack
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Follow The Current by eternity_xx
Follow The Currentby Megan
•••Sequel to You Have No Idea, My Dear Alpha••• ••*•• "So you feel it too then?" He asks, his lips grazing my neck as he talks, causing more explosions. "...
  • alpha
  • cute
  • journey
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Under A Latent Moon (A Werewolf Tale) by DumDumPops4
Under A Latent Moon (A Werewolf Cayleigh
Thirteen years ago, Harley lost her family. Though it left some damage, she's finally ready to return to her family's pack and start her own tale. But writing a happy en...
  • attack
  • hunter
  • mate
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Breeding Rights by lindseyowensbooks
Breeding Rightsby lindseyowensbooks
The Nightshade Pack has been dwindling. Their lack of female wolves has led to a decline in babies being born with the gene. Needing new blood to filter in and to grow t...
  • shift
  • werepanther
  • mates
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