Bedsheets ↬ Kylo Ren by the-force-of-stars
Bedsheets ↬ Kylo Renby Traveling Swamp
A Kylo Ren x Reader lemon Oneshot Sure To Give You The Feels You Need. Kylo loved you passionately and he just couldn't control his emotions so he had to show you just h...
  • kylo
  • kylorenxreader
  • beautiful
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Just For Fun Re-uploaded  by jazzy1618
Just For Fun Re-uploaded by Jasmine
I walked up to his car, wearing my little dress. He told me to wear something with easy access. I got into his car and sat down, I knew what I was supposed to do now...
  • curvy
  • erotica
  • secret
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[ConquerAwards2018] Valiant Princess by Bleu84
[ConquerAwards2018] Valiant Priscella E. Liling
Upon being reborn, she know that she have to change. She have to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her...
  • romance
  • noble
  • mortal
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Twisted thoughts by AlcoholicCat
Twisted thoughtsby AlcoholicCat
"Then which is the lucky girl that you want to have sex with?"he asked and i sighed. One part of wanted to tell him the truth,tell him that there is no girl th...
  • gay
  • friendship
  • romance
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Lesbian Sex Academy  by 123cupcakelove
Lesbian Sex Academy by 123cupcakelove
Exactly what the title says, a book about a girl attending lesbian sex academy. Have fun reading my book!
  • licking
  • teacherxstudent
  • mommylove
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Love Bites by vjknight15
Love Bitesby Vanessa Knight
#20 in Vampire 25/2/18 A VAMPIRE ROMANCE "Promise me, Alsa. Promise me right now that you will always love me." My face softened. This girl was so demanding...
  • amnesia
  • love
  • vampire
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BAKIN DARE by Sadnaf
heart touching story
  • heart
  • shortstory
  • touching
Haunted by my Future by HatiCang
Haunted by my Futureby HatiCang
HIGHEST RANK: Love-Hate #77 //Cupcakeawards2017 #2 // Touching #7 // Fantasy-Romance #125// He paused for a second and I felt his hot breath against my skin. "Be c...
  • love
  • touching
  • mystery
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NCT One-shots and Scenarios by MarlCherryBombedbyTY
NCT One-shots and Scenariosby Taeyong's Ice Maiden
A collection of one-shots and scenarios of NCT members. Includes mature content, read at your own risk. #Taeyong #Yuta #TaeWin #bdsm #bareback #non-consensual touching
  • bdsm
  • nct127
  • smutwarning
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Incredible HIM by Lizababy1
Incredible HIMby Liza Y
How do you choose one when you love two? This story will keep you guessing. You will fall in love all over again. A young girl is coming of age and caught in the web of...
  • firstloves
  • makinglove
  • sexiness
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The Vampires baby by Eimear05
The Vampires babyby Eimear
Emily gets a shock to find out her lovers secret she's even more shocked to find out she's pregnant with his baby. What will happen. How will she take the news 🤔 [ comp...
  • romance
  • mystery
  • thriller
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I too had a love story by R.S by Peru05
I too had a love story by R.Sby Prerna Maheshwari
Best parts of this book. Its actually written by Ravinder Singh. I am just a fan nothing else.
  • poetry
  • love
  • phrases
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TIMELESS by jollybangtan
TIMELESSby (kyera)
❝ just like the universe, my love for you is timeless. ❞ This 'book' is a collection of poems written by author @jollybangtan (kyera). Each poem represents a feeling, so...
  • poems
  • wattys2018
  • freeverse
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Hospital Bed ¦ J.JK FF by VanessaLOL3
Hospital Bed ¦ J.JK FFby •tae•
In which he brought flowers, not knowing the bed would be empty that day... - Finished in about 30 minutes (?) - I cried. When i read this... Just a little...😅
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • sad
  • bulletproofboys
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Uncontrollable || Jikook || by StarMochi2471
Uncontrollable || Jikook ||by Singing Star ♡
Jungkook's parents go on a business trip for the holidays, leaving him at the Park's house. As a closeted child, Jungkook finds it hard to open up to his parents who are...
  • bts
  • parkjimin
  • struggle
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timeless love | quotes by Mio_aka_jx99
timeless love | quotesby Tan Jia Xuan
-Q U O T E S- Pretty much what the title says Enjoy :>
  • paragraphs
  • sadquotes
  • shortstory
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unTouchable [P Jimin ff] by Milktaelien
unTouchable [P Jimin ff]by Kaehauqt
"Let me touch you" "...What??" __ Jimin Ff Started: August 1, 2018 Ended: ongoing August 11,2018: #29- touching
  • vampire
  • untouchable
  • jimin
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Bad Boy's Cure || ✔️ (Undergoing Slow Edit) by KeepinitMello
Bad Boy's Cure || ✔️ (Undergoing Melody Erikson
Past. Such a fortunate thing, without it how would we grow? How would we live and move on with our lives? Some are fortunate enough to have a happy past, no deaths, no g...
  • nerd
  • mom
  • sad
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Thoughts Processed To Words . by sassyqueenwrites
Thoughts Processed To Words .by Rezwaan Athemadnia
☆ Sassyqueenwrites is a beautiful writer with a prefect combination of emotions and feelings..thus this is what is reflected in her poems. The way she uses the words to...
  • religion
  • collection
  • problems
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