Creepypastas X Cute Abused Baby Reader by Allie_Leonhardt
Creepypastas X Cute Abused Baby Allie Leonhardt
Okay this is my second x reader so it may not be all that good but I'll plan something special!
  • heartwarming
  • touching
  • cute
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Love Bites by vjknight15
Love Bitesby Vanessa Knight
#20 in Vampire 25/2/18 A VAMPIRE ROMANCE "Promise me, Alsa. Promise me right now that you will always love me." My face softened. This girl was so demanding...
  • livingtogether
  • kiss
  • touching
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You Can't Escape An Italian Mafia by PurpleWildlife77
You Can't Escape An Italian Mafiaby Violet
Hello. My name is Emerson. I have an alcoholic dad, a dead mother, and a sweet little brother. I freak out a lot. I mean, you would too if you were just sold to an Itali...
  • abuse
  • touching
  • love
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Obliterate Me by CatherineCuypers
Obliterate Meby ⚯͛ cath
This is a fan fiction on the "touching Juliette trilogy" from Tahereh Mafi. The story continues two years after Juliette managed to take over sector 45 and to...
  • warner
  • mafi
  • destroy
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Maybe This Is The End (Sterek) by iceandtanqueray
Maybe This Is The End (Sterek)by Brandon
A twelve-part fan-fiction inspired by The Fault In Our Stars that begins when a suicidal Stiles Stilinski's life is saved by a gorgeous stranger named Derek Hale. Thrust...
  • touching
  • soul
  • dylan
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Stories for the Heart by sensaina
Stories for the Heartby sensaina
These stories can make you smile, can make you cry, can make you fall in love, can motivate you ... Or even change your life ... <3
  • inspirational
  • motivation
  • touching
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
  • small
  • fought
  • falling
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Short  Sayings by n0nsEnsE1234567890
Short Sayingsby Kyoya Hibari
Hey guys! This book is a collection of sayings I encountered which left a deep impression to me. The sayings may be from the internet, books, movies, animes or even from...
  • sayings
  • quotes
  • touching
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Sword Art Online V: Inseparable Arc (Kirito X Asuna) by xXAsuna_SenpaiXx
Sword Art Online V: Inseparable Kihee
A few months after the Underworld incident, Kirito and his friends have tried to get back to normal. Suddenly, weird events start to occur. From deaths to real-world-gli...
  • asunasdailylife
  • reallygood
  • afteralicization
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poems. ..that will never free my soul and surely that have deeper meanings to it .... Highest rank #32
  • touching
  • betrayal
  • pain
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Not Quite Married by TheRedScarfGirl
Not Quite Marriedby TheRedScarfGirl
my name is Mai Nixon... Im 29 and still not married, which according to my mum is disgracefull. I mean it wouldnt be that bad if i was single, but the fact that i have b...
  • touching
  • sad
  • funny
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The Ticket by HeatherGraceStewart
The Ticketby Heather Grace Stewart
**Created on Wattpad; first read & loved by Wattpaders! #1 Satire Humour Kindle** Wattpad Highest Ranking #1 in Chicklit. NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE and in PAPERBACK WORLDW...
  • london
  • tvmoviesparks
  • travel
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[OG] PERFECT BAD BOY by muhdikzam
[OG] PERFECT BAD BOYby myeonbae
AIMAN, : 'Apa beza awak dengan matahari?' SYASYA, : 'Hah? Apa dia? Please jangan merepek haha' AIMAN, : 'Well, beza dia...Matahari menyinari bumi dan awak menyinari ha...
  • destiny
  • touching
  • ditafsirkan
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Short Stories  by Athumuscenious
Short Stories by Athena
Just a few short stories I made! Please take a moment to come read these amazing stories I put together. Some were inspired by other stories while a few are completely f...
  • sweet
  • onceuponnow
  • shortstories
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I'm not crazy. (Camren) by Lovatic8190
I'm not crazy. (Camren)by Lovatic8190
Camila is schizophrenic and has a girlfriend named Lauren. But when her mom checks her into a hospital it all falls downhill....
  • girlfriend
  • illness
  • gay
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Historia psa, który widział w kolorze by SoniaStadnik
Historia psa, który widział w Sonia Stadnik
Ta historia jest o psie, który przeżył w życiu bardzo wiele, dużo czasu spędził w schronisku, a gdy już się z niego wydostał, widział świat w kolorowych barwach. Ps. Wi...
  • story
  • dog
  • schronisko
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She's Mine by Fay_Belle5
She's Mineby Fay_Belle
The arms around me felt familiar. I turned around so fast that I thought I broke my neck. Mr. Sexy was smirking at me with a lustful look in his eyes. His grip got even...
  • drugs
  • blood
  • supernatural
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