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Catch Me by Kid076
Catch Meby Kid076
"Is anybody listening? Can anybody answer my prayers? Please say yeah."
Saving Myself || A Drarry Story by Hufflepuff-Writer
Saving Myself || A Drarry Storyby emma
**COMPLETED** Cover made by @ZaraIsNotHere **TRIGGER WARNINGS** -HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS -MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: All original characters owned by J.K. Ro...
Mr. Player is my mate, but I'm a nerd by Chemara_1
Mr. Player is my mate, but I'm a Chemara_1
17 Year old Katherine Evans, finds out that she's mates with the most popular player in school. She's doesn't exactly have any friends beside Christina and Ryan and is c...
My famous brothers by IndiaCD123
My famous brothersby WolfCd123
Lucy has always been close to her two older brothers. But when they move out and become famous she cant help but feel like she's lost them. Her mum tries to help her but...
TOUCH OF HOPE   (BoyxBoy) by raquel98rm
TOUCH OF HOPE (BoyxBoy)by Raquel
Haphephobia: the fear of being touched. Blake, a second-year Psychology student, hadn't ever heard of such a phobia, until the day he was hired as a guide for Dean, the...
The Secret Agent that Married the Demon Lord by Alphachoas
The Secret Agent that Married Alpha Choas
This is a preview of my book on Webnovel. The story follows the life of a woman named Yuna who is flung into a far away place against her will. Through a series of unf...
Short Stories ( English Collection ) by Epicwriter15
Short Stories ( English albeynjan
Random English Short Stories Hope you like it.
Amora Jean[BWWM] by JasmynTailor
Amora Jean[BWWM]by Jasmyn
"I can't even imagine my life without you. If you left me, I'd never move on. Now that I know you, I can't see how I ever lived without knowing you, you make me fee...
The Dating Game by s0giia
The Dating Gameby s0giia
Yes, it sounds cliche. But trust me, this isn't just like any other story. /// Michelle Adams is a girl with many more problems than she ever thought she would have. Whe...
His Serendipity[BWWM] by JasmynTailor
His Serendipity[BWWM]by Jasmyn
"I didn't know that I needed you until I met you. Clover Blossom, you're my serendipity." •••• ser·en·dip·i·ty ...
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓ by EYDEL_
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓by EYDEL
marceline abadeer, a thousand-year-old vampire who loves her battle-axe bass guitar, remeniscised about her times with bonnibel bubblegum - a prim and proper princess wh...
V.I.O.L.E.T : Loveless by Silentseeker123
V.I.O.L.E.T : Lovelessby Silentseeker123
Both of them believed to be heartless killers Inhuman killing machines When their family decides to arrange an marriage between them They slowly start to care for each...
Bakuwar Fuska by PrincessAmrah
Bakuwar Fuskaby Amrah A Mashi
Da ciwon zuciya ta tashi har ta girma, wanda ya ja silar yi mata dashen zuciyar wata yarinya a lokacin da ciwonta ya tsananta take ganin mutuwa kiri-kiri. Ya tsane ta, i...
RED is the new BLACK. by Bobbiejelly
RED is the new bobbiejelly
Addison calls Meredith to bail her out of County Jail, and Meredith does. OR: In Which Meredith puts Addison in handcuffs. After Addison's divorce; before Meredith dates...
BLINDLY Fallen Inlove [COMPLETED✓] by Septemdi
BLINDLY Fallen Inlove [COMPLETED✓]by DaeyanBB
I never believe in the saying 'LOVE IS BLIND' before. Dahil kahit naman sabihin nila na mahal ka nila hindi dahil sa pisikal na anyo mo o yaman mo, darating din ang pana...
My little problem (true experience) by Jkismyqueen46
My little problem (true experience)by Jkismyqueen46
I have a little problem and I'm completely stumped. My family and friends aren't helping me. This book is about weird and unexplainable things that have been happening t...
Operation Falling by MzzHikmah01
Operation Fallingby MzzHikmah01
Cynthia is a confident, tough but sweet girl who comes from a wealthy family and as such goes to a school exclusive to the privileged. She is scared of being in a relati...
The Darkened , Silent Void (that you fixed)//(Shayn) by rickys_egos
The Darkened , Silent Void (that The Low One
Deaf, blind, we still love. Shane looks like he did in WWW Ryan is a smol skinny boy.
Earth, who is actually a teened girl named Christine was assigned to serve all life forms, providing them with food, water, a place to stay. Thester, who comes from a ri...
She Finally Fell in Love! by jinal_tailor
She Finally Fell in Love!by Jeena
Dhruvi and priyansh got married after knowing each other for three months. Did they want this marriage? Did they like each other enough to be married? Were they right f...