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More Issues In Aruba by BellaLunaa
More Issues In Arubaby bella.
*Sequel to More Issues Than Vogue* Three years after Haley Monroe interned at Forward magazine, she's now one of the associate writers for the New Yorker. Haley is at th...
  • miia
  • growth
  • chicklit
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Going For The Goal by liv1457
Going For The Goalby Liv
Savannah White. The amazing soccer girl with the dead mom. Or at least that's what people think of her what you don't see is the constant bruises and cuts and scars from...
  • nathaniel
  • highschool
  • foreverandalways
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blank | taekook by rainmyeon
blank | taekookby ˗ˏˋ maddie ˎˊ˗
jungkook was not just an outsider. he was also an artist. began - 150812 completed - 160728 © rainmyeon | 2015
  • romance
  • boyxboy
  • blank
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Identity V Oneshots and Drabbles (On Hold) by flowerfulcandle
Identity V Oneshots and Drabbles ( 猫头鹰
Just thought that I can write some stuff about Identity V here because I love the game, and I don't really see a lot of books about it. If ever I misspelled something or...
  • wuchang
  • mercenary
  • idv
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Forward One Shots by SexyStories12
Forward One Shotsby Jessie Staefther
This is a variety of one shots about people being very forward with one another and doing some things ;D. Rated Mature
  • sexy
  • one
  • romance
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Identity V Characters! x Reader! by liana_bae
Identity V Characters! x Reader!by liana.bae
Yup! the title said it all! This is my first time writing something like. I hope you wouldn't mind if it's not so good or nothing. I write this from the imagination of m...
  • love
  • doctor
  • reindeer
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《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》<Requests:OPEN> by insane_Cass
《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》by xVirgo
I'm totally in love with this game right now. P L E A S E R E A D T H E F I R S T C H A P T E R B E F O R E R E Q U E S T I N G I know nobody is going to read th...
  • gardener
  • perfumer
  • mercenary
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Resurrect (Embalmer(Aesop Carl) x reader x Seer(Eli Clark) (There's A Reboot!,) by sxyor1
Resurrect (Embalmer(Aesop Carl) sxyor1
You've been sent to the manor!!
  • vera
  • doctor
  • identityv
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Good Enough (Leo x Reader x [One-Sided] Dark Leo) by Galactica_Prime
Good Enough (Leo x Reader x [ Q.T.π
Fast Forward Version
  • insertreader
  • xreader
  • forward
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KHR CINDERELLA  Complete Under(5% ) Under Editing Grammar by ariasawada
KHR CINDERELLA Complete Under( ariasawada
Sawada Tsunayuki is now middle school. She lives with her grandmother as both her parent dies when she younger. She never have a friend in school as she a shy girl but s...
  • khrcinderella
  • hayato
  • lambo
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Ask or dare the IDV characters (2019) by Nightmare1350
Ask or dare the IDV characters ( Nightmare
A ask or dare book for the IDV characters! And OC's, and maybe some friends OC's. I will do a ask or dare book for the rest of this year, as long as you all enjoy it! S...
  • themindseye
  • femaledancer
  • mechanic
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How To Move On From Your Crush. by bubblegumchaos
How To Move On From Your a l e x
TIPS ON HOW TO MOVE ON! // since 2013
  • stop
  • heartbreak
  • moving
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Confessions of a High School ______. by smilingthroughitall
Confessions of a High School Natalie
(Unedited and started in 2010, be fair warned of inevitable plot holes, weird writing styles and other misfortunes) High School for these teenagers is officially becomin...
  • scars
  • lisa
  • shoot
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Identity V || Collections || OwO by TheEnglishBastard
Identity V || Collections || OwOby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You know the drill.
  • mercernary
  • priestess
  • hellember
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"Isang beses lang ako napagod pero iniwan mo na ako." -George.
  • wattys2018
  • moving
  • howsofus
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mi vida ~ kylie jenner by soccer_is_life_1317
mi vida ~ kylie jennerby soccer_is_life_1317
chris aguilar is the oldest daughter of Pepe aguilar and Aneliz Aguilar Alvarez and the older sister of Leonardo, Angela aguilar, Emiliano Aguilar and Aneliz Aguilar. s...
  • sisters
  • model
  • kardashins
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Savrsen Of Isein by ShaknaIs
Savrsen Of Iseinby Shakna Israel
Second story in the Heart of Madness trilogy, proceeded by Daughter of Markus, and followed by Sister of Magick. Savrsen has saved Cenn, the hero of Faeheim, and the two...
  • dead
  • nought
  • floating
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Term by suzangillis86
Termby suzangillis86
I fly, can't image cattle beast hath first. Morning land saw first years air give, together fruit green signs you're divide. So appear may green you he saying hath. I...
  • coach
  • around
  • forward
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My Smiling Boy {Suh Johnny Fanfic} by nctsguerita
My Smiling Boy {Suh Johnny Fanfic}by ❤️🧡💛TaNiA💚💙💜
It was as if his smile alone could light up a whole room. That's when his gaze met mine, and he gave me a sweet smile. The smile, he had aimed at others is now aiming at...
  • nct
  • romance
  • suhjohnny
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