Everything Has Changed: Book Two by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Twoby ~Samantha~
Tears rush down to my cheeks and splatter on the wood floor of Danny's university apartment. He has an imprint on his face from the creases in his pillow and keeps blink...
  • college
  • sadness
  • family
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What It Means To Be Me by TheoryKierei
What It Means To Be Meby TheoryKierei
I was supposed to die when I was five but when my parents gave me the chance to run, I took it. I didn't understand much at the time except that I needed to get as far...
  • wattys2017
  • teen
  • growing
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Second best by denisselovesbooks101
Second bestby denisselovesbooks101
Jupiter Deleon has been in love with Eragon Miller for years and is finally going to be his wife the only problem he's in love with another.
  • notgoodenough
  • hate
  • chicklit
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Fuck Hard Love Soft by MademMad
Fuck Hard Love Softby MadamMad
Poor young girl, Poor young mind, Poor young body. She had a normal life before her curosity took over her life; She should have thought about what killed the cat.Her li...
  • passion
  • bdsm
  • love
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The Gauntlet by words_are_weapons
The Gauntletby Jamie Harris
Codi James is a chronic underachiever. A straight C student, her life is going nowhere. Causing havoc at yet another school it looks like she's heading for another expul...
  • action
  • fight
  • friends
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How To Not Crack PMT [Complete] by ArshiDokadia
How To Not Crack PMT [Complete]by Arshi Dokadia
Highest Ranking #2 in ChickLit! My grip on the pen tightened as I sucked in a deep breath. This was it. I was going to do this. Is it too late to back out now? I look...
  • futrella2k16
  • india
  • drama
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Night At The Museum ~April & Ahkmenrah. by Lady_Lavellan
Night At The Museum ~April & Jen & Miles
When sixteen-year-old April becomes friends with Larry the Nightguard's son, Nick Daley, she unknowingly becomes friends with all the exhibits at the museum. But actuall...
  • nightatthemuseum
  • ahkmenrah
  • larry
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Thoughts in my head  by miaarosaa
Thoughts in my head by miaarosaa
Violeta, growing into herself and the world around her.
  • music
  • teen
  • life
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Nancy's Story - Seeing Eye Wolf 2  Nano 2018 by maxd01
Nancy's Story - Seeing Eye Wolf Mad Max
Cover art does not belong to me. Anise has found Cedric is going to be her future mate and is doing well. Nancy is starting to feel the need to grow beyond just being...
  • chelsea
  • memories
  • amy
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My little orphan mate by Leelee360
My little orphan mateby Raylee Rodriguez
12 year old Liam knows that every alpha has a mate what he didn't expect was to find his abandoned in the woods. When Liam finds a little baby at the edge of the woods...
  • mate
  • growing
  • marked
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Mable McQueen by RubyJean99
Mable McQueenby RubyJean99
The story of Mable McQueen. Mable was a ordinary teenage girl. Or so she thought. Turns out she is this unique creature that was never allowed to be born, according to...
  • demons
  • badboy
  • fantasy
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Growing Up Latina by sparklybish
Growing Up Latinaby Ay mi corazón
If you have grown up in a Latin household you might understand these struggles we all went through at some point in our lives. Have fun reading this and don't forget to...
  • random
  • latinamerica
  • parents
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Gt Short Stories  by thundercat2016
Gt Short Stories by thundercat2016
Short stories about giant/giantess and humans
  • fiction
  • stories
  • shrinking
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Safe Haven || B.Barnes by tacotrux
Safe Haven || B.Barnesby buckaroo
(Post CW) Bucky Barnes never dared to dream that he could be loved again, especially after what he did for the last near century. And no I'm not talking about that kind...
  • cute
  • steverogers
  • tense
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knight by qivelove
knightby simran.
UNDER EDITING "i was selfish in the way that I acted i keep doing things just to get a reaction" [ HONEST B A Z Z I ] in which the limits of love extend regard...
  • fun
  • romance
  • teenfiction
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Withered Dreams by penny88
Withered Dreamsby Penny Hawking
If two heads are better than one, than three is superb. Follow the lives of three best friends, Drew, Dusty and Melody as they deal with insecurities, trust, bad decisi...
  • interracial
  • puberty
  • dream
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Humans Alone (G/T) by The_Little_Dove
Humans Alone (G/T)by Dove
((Cover created on the Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator on Giant beings invaded the Earth. They stand three times the height of a 6'0 man, making these tal...
  • giantess
  • gt
  • small
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The life of daughter stylinson (adopted by Larry Stylinson) by noothemmings
The life of daughter stylinson ( Ö
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles came out as a couple a few years back. Louis and Harry soon get married. After about a year of marriage The couple decides to adopt a gi...
  • harry
  • penguins
  • fan
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Empowerment by ittsyourgirlkash
Empowermentby Ittsyourgirlkash
"She's something different, something savage"
  • empowerment
  • lives
  • love
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