Chapter 29 (Part 2)

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            “Hey, I think I’m just going to go upstairs and rest for a bit. All of this, it’s just a little too much for me.” I twisted my hands as I spoke, grimacing at the last part.

            “Do you need anyone to go with you?” She asked softly, sounding pained at the word anyone. I knew that she knew I blamed her for some of what happened. If she didn’t know, then she would have volunteered to go herself.

            “No, that’s ok.” I murmured quietly.

            “Alright, well we’ll wake you for dinner if you aren’t down by then.” For a brief moment, Sutton looked unsure of her words and her actions. She looked unsure of herself. That made my heart clench once again. Sutton has always been confident in herself and now here I am, making her doubt herself.

            I surprised us both by reaching forward and hugging her tightly. I buried my head in her neck and inhaled her familiar scent.

            “I love you mom, so much. Don’t forget that.” I whispered in her ear. When I pulled back, her eyes were peppered with tears but a smile was present on her face.

            I sniffled, trying to keep myself together while still in front of people. Without bothering to answer Evan’s curious glance, I retreated upstairs and practically ran to the new bedroom I’d been assigned. I carefully closed the door before sliding down the wall until my butt made contact with the floor. It was then that I allowed myself to become undone.

            It was then that I allowed myself to shed tears for the loss of my very best friend. I don’t know how long it was that I sat there crying, maybe a few minutes or maybe a few hours. I knew that somehow I had to find a way to pick myself back up because I knew deep inside me that Ariel wouldn’t have wanted me to wallow in grief for the rest of my life. Knowing that and then putting that thought into action is a completely different thing. I raised my head and stared at the ceiling, my tears becoming less like a stream and more like random raindrops. I was startled out of my thoughts when a sudden knock against the door had me wiping my face to erase any tear tracks. I pulled the door open, assuming it was James or Sutton, and was prepared to tell the person to leave when I was met by an unfamiliar male. He looked to be in his late thirties and was holding an envelope in his hand.

            “Are you Paige? Paige Warren?” The man asked, looking down at the envelope.

            “Taylor.” I muttered weakly.

            “I’m sorry?” He looked mildly confused for a moment.

            “Doesn’t matter.” I shrugged before sighing and running a hand through my hair. “Yes, I’m Paige. Is there something you need?”

            “Just to deliver this to you.” He held the thick envelope towards me. My name was written in elegant cursive on the front with no other markings.

            “Who is this from?” I asked, turning the envelope over in my hands.

            “This was found when we were cleaning out the room Ms.Adams was staying in. Since it had your name on it, we figured Ariel would have wanted you to have it.” The guy shrugged and then left before I could respond.

            I closed the door quietly and leaned against it, biting my lip. The letter in my hands was from Ariel, no doubt about that. I just couldn’t figure out why she would write me a letter. My mind flickered between opening the letter and possibly wounding myself further or putting it in the back of my closet. However, I knew if I left it to the dust bunnies in my closet I would forever wonder what her last words to me were. They say that curiosity killed the cat, well this time it might just kill the wolf. I sighed before crossing the room and sitting down at the window seat my new room sported. The day was still gloomy and murky, not letting up one bit. From my vantage point I could see the back yard where several people were folding up the chairs we sat on for the service and taking the flowers that were put up inside.

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