Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Paige’s POV:

            I stared at the door for a few more minutes and tried to comprehend Claire’s odd behavior. It was obvious that she’d strayed from the pack to avoid someone but I couldn’t figure out why. While I knew Claire to be a shy and calm introvert, she never reacted well to people telling her what to do and she most certainly never strayed from conflict. That was probably the only thing she and Taylor had in common, they both faced problems head on. That was why Claire’s avoidance of someone was so baffling to me.

            What was even more baffling was that I had a strong suspicion the person she was avoiding was none other than Taylor’s husband and mate.

             I frowned. Why would Clair be avoiding him? Had something been going on between them? Did he hurt her? I growled at the thought, Claire was too innocent and sweet to be hurt by someone. The pieces drifted together in my mind. Something had definitely caused a rift in my family over the years. Something that broke Claire’s heart and made her stray from her own sister. Something that the rest of my family knows about but refuses to tell me. I suddenly remembered Evan telling me the situation with Claire was complicated and something I would have to ask her myself. A knock interrupted my thoughts and a second later Sutton poked her head in.

            “Hello dear, Anita says dinner is ready.” She smiled brightly and looked content to just stand and look at me.

            “Anita?” I questioned, momentarily forgetting the name.

            “She’s a woman in the pack that cooks for us. There are others that clean the house because God knows how messy this place can get with teenagers roaming around. I’d do it myself but with going back to school and working and all of my Luna duties, I’m much too busy.”

            “Can I ask you something?” I asked, deciding to see if she would tell me about Claire. She furrowed her eyebrows in curiosity and walked forward before seating herself on the bed.

            “What’s up?”

            “Claire came by today.” Sutton’s eyebrows shot up and her face was one of utter surprise.

            “She did?” I nodded and her eyes lit up with excitement and happiness. “Is she here? Will she be staying long? Did she bring anyone with her? How is she?”

            “Whoa, calm down mom.” Sutton pressed her lips into a thin line, trying to hide a smile. Her eyes watered a little and she looked sad and happy at the same time. “What’s wrong?”

            “It just feels nice to hear you say that after all this time. It still feels surreal to have you sitting her with me.” I smiled at her and squeezed her arm affectionately.

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