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                        Chapter 4

Paige’s POV:

            I stared evenly at the guy standing in front of me, not daring to move an inch. Ariel watched silently and curiously but even she backed up a few steps. The hunter regarded me with a chilling coolness, as if he could tell exactly what I was thinking.

            “I’m just here to inform you that you’re never getting out. I hope you like this room because it’s the only place you’ll ever see again.” I was shocked at the hardness of his voice and the harsh words.

            “But-but why?” I whispered. I’m only thirteen. Surely they won’t keep a child locked up.

            “Because you are one of them.” He spat. I cringed away from his sudden anger.

            “We really aren’t bad.” I defended my race. Hi face heated up in anger and turned a dark shade of red.

            “Aren’t bad? You’re so called father ripped my brother’s apart just because they happened to look at his mate the wrong way.”

            “Your brothers?” He calmed down and a slow, sinister smile spread across his face.

            “Yes.” He said simply.

            My mind raced trying to remember any stories of our pack’s wars. I knew Evan since he had been an instrumental person in raising me and I knew that he certainly wouldn’t kill anyone for looking at Sutton, Rough them up? Certainly. Kill them? Not a chance. The only recent battle I could think of was the one my biological family was killed in but he couldn’t possibly be referring to that one. That battle happened because a group of hunters were…trying to kill Sutton. My mind once again went into overdrive. Sutton had said two brothers had died in two different battles. I looked at the guy more closely and tried to determine his age. He looked to be in his early twenties which meant he had to have been a young boy when his brothers died. I remembered Evan had once said that a small group of hunters that had not been involved in the fight had fled to safety.

            “It can’t be.” I breathed.

            “My mother was killed in that fight. I was left alone because your kind maliciously destroyed them!” He snarled. My blood boiled with anger at his accusation.

            “My family was killed too!” I yelled back. “I had a mother and father and sister and they were all killed because you’re kind was too scared. They were scared that we were faster and stronger and could shift into wolves. They were jealous that we were all of these things and they weren’t!”

            His face flamed red in anger and before I could see it move, his hand slammed down on the metal of my prison door. He breathed heavily and looked at me with burning hatred in his eyes. I’m sure if the door wasn’t in the way he would have attacked me by now. Slowly, but by bit, he calmed down and straighten, eyes still burning me with loathing.

            “See, while you got new parents and new sisters, I got dropped off at a dirty orphanage where they didn’t have money to even feed the kids there. While you were pampered in New York surrounded by high-class penthouses and top of the line private schools, I was out on the streets scrounging around for food, bouncing around from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. While you have spent the last seven years living the life of the rich and entitled, there wasn’t a single day, a single moment, where I wasn’t planning on ruining it.”

            “You are seriously twisted. Just like your brothers.” I whispered, staring at him with matching hatred. He stepped back from the door and turned to leave.

            “I really do hope you like your cage because you are never getting out.” He said before walking away.

            The large, heavy metal door at the end of the room slammed shut and left me in silence. I took a few steps back and felt the rising panic in me. My hands started shaking as the clarity in his words reached me. I was never leaving this place. I was never going to get to see my mom. I was never going to see Evan or Taylor or Claire. Not only that but I had so many lost chances now. I was never going to have new friends or go to high school. I choked back a sob as I realized another thing I was going to miss out on. Being locked up here with no male werewolves around, I was never going to find my mate. He was never going to find me.

            I fell to my knees as silent tears escaped my eyes and everything that I was going to miss out on flipped like images through my brain. First day of high school, summer vacation, boyfriends, my first kiss, prom, graduation. My teenage days filtered through my mind and I could only watch as everything I had ever wanted slipped through my fingers. My wedding, having children, growing old with my mate. They were all gone. A loud sob ripped through me and I buried my face in my arms.

            “I’m sorry.” I distantly heard Ariel say. I didn’t respond. I was too lost in my grief.

Evan’s POV:

            “Please tell me we have something.” I pleaded with Spencer. He hung his head apologetically and shook his head.

            “I’m sorry Evan. These hunters were good. No trace, no trail. We have gotten reports that a girl from the California Rush Pack was taken a few weeks ago by the same group. They have decided to work with us to try and find these bastards.” I ran a hand through my hair tiredly and closed my eyes. “How is she?” He asked quietly.

            “She cried herself out a few hours ago and is sleeping now. She’s doing the best she can but her promise to Sadie is killing her inside.” I whispered.

            It’s killing me to see Sutton in so much pain. She blames the whole thing on herself and won’t eat or sleep. The first day I had to have her sedated because she was shaken up so badly. Paige really is a daughter to her and as any parent would agree on, losing your child is hard. While Sutton certainly has dibs on being more worried than anyone else, she wasn’t the only one saddened by the loss. Claire is silent as ever and Taylor refuses to get out of bed. Lisa won’t leave Sutton’s side and Elise asks for updates every hour. And I, I have tried my best to keep everyone calm and restore order to the pack, but inside I’m suffering as well. I’d always looked at Paige as not really a daughter, but a little sister to look after. Paige has always been a ray of sunshine on our pack so to speak. While she isn’t the loudest person ever, she always had a special way of getting someone to smile or laugh. She’s just one of those people that everyone loves.

            “We have to find her Spence. If we don’t, I don’t know if Sutton will ever recover.” I sighed and stuck my hands in my jean pockets.

            “She will. She’s strong and I know you would never let her give up on herself. We will find her and Sutton will be alright.” Spencer responded seriously.

            In that moment, the finality in his voice encouraged me to be hopeful. In that moment, I actually believed what he said. However fleeting as it was, the doubt returned and I wasn’t quite sure if we would ever find Paige. The thing that scared me more than that was the uncertainty that Sutton would ever be able to recover from this.

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