Chapter 29 (Part 2)

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Hello all you lovelies! Another, somewhat sad chapter. Next one will play to a happier tune but it will also skip forward a few months. I'm sad to say there are about two-three chapters left of this story and then it's over. 

I want to make sure that everyone get's this, this is not the last chapter. Let me repeat, this is not the last chapter. I know the ending may make it seem like it is but it isn't. I know I'm still going to get comments or queestions asking if this is the last chapter but I'm hoping you will all read this and realize there are still two-three more chapters left.

I feel like the song kind of expresses the note Paige leaves off on at the end of the chapter (Some of you can't see the video so I also put it in the external link)

Thank you to anyone who voted/commented/fanned on the last chapter as well as my silent readers. I appreciate all of you :)

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)


"I wish the world wouldn't be so cold as to take such a beautiful soul. But, despite it all, you know we gotta carry on."

                               -OPM - Brighter Side

            I looked up at the sky, hoping to see a ray of sunshine peeking out. Something, anything that would acknowledge that Ariel really was watching over us. All I saw was a vast greyness, a sky devoid of any light. As we made our way down the aisle, I risked a glance towards Ariel’s family and immediately wished that I’d never looked. As earlier predicted, her mother was leaning into her mate for support. Next to them, Ariel’s brother sat stiffly, staring blankly ahead. His posture was rigid, back straight and head held high as he gazed lifelessly at his sister’s casket. My heart went out to her family.

            A fleeing figure clad in black caught my attention as he walked swiftly towards the parking lot. Peter. I hadn’t seen much of him since Ariel passed. He’d shut himself away, only emerging for his mate’s funeral. At first, he’d been nearly hysterical. He’d refused to let anyone touch her body before he finally wore himself out from crying so much. What haunted me the most were his pleas for her to come back to him. The desperation in his voice had my eyes automatically welling every time I remembered his words. If I could bring Ariel back for anyone, it would be for Peter.

            “How are you doing?” Sutton asked as we stepped inside the pack house. There was a small get together going on at the house that was open to anyone from the funeral. Many people were stopping by before heading home.

            “Fine.” I stated blandly, turning my head away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hand reach out to touch my arm and on instinct, I flinched away. I couldn’t deny the flash of hurt the crossed her face at my blunt rejection of her. “Sorry.” I murmured.

            I waved my family off, wanting some space, and settled myself in a corner away from most of the people. James had excused himself on the basis of getting a drink. I think he sensed my need for space and time and I silently thanked him for his understanding. Food was being served on sparkling platters and glasses were being handed out with liquid filled to the top. Everything looked too fancy, too high class to be Ariel. This reception was supposed to be a reminder of her life and yet everything here was nothing like her. Ariel was just, Ariel. As amazing as she was, she was normal. She liked the simple things in life, the casual side of life. All of this, it just wasn’t her.

            I slid off the wall and made my way through the groups of people in search of my family. Usually I wouldn’t need to tell them I was retiring upstairs but with everything that just happened, I know they would worry if I just left. I finally found Evan engaged in a discussion with a member from the other pack while Sutton stood off to the side. She looked deep in thought as she absentmindedly swirled a hand over her stomach. There was a deep sadness and regret etched in her pretty face, emotions I knew I was  the cause of. She looked up when I approached and smiled hesitantly, swiping a coffee colored curl over her shoulder.

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