Chapter 6

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            Chapter 6

Paige’s POV:

            A year. 12 months. 360 days.

            A year is how long I’ve woken up to grey walls. 12 months is how long I’ve been locked behind a fence. 360 days is how long I have been captured by hunters.

            I’ve come to realize my life means very little to me anymore. If they decided to kill me tomorrow, it’d be a relief. In the time that I’ve been trapped here the only thing that’s kept me sane is the reassuring words of Ariel. Barely. My life consists of the same thing, day after day. Wake up to the same walls, wait for the guards to allow me to go to the bathroom, do my work, and sit mindlessly for hours until I drifted off to sleep only to wake up to the same thing the next day. Ok, well Ariel and my schoolwork keep my sane. I learned quickly what happens if you don’t do the work and fail their pointless tests. I have the scars to remind me. After awhile, the schoolwork just became a regular thing to do, an outlet of some sort. While most kids my age would hate schoolwork, I feel like I’m able to focus and concentrate on one other thing other than my hopeless life. Oddly enough, schoolwork is frighteningly comforting for me as I have lost all hope of ever getting out. I must have done something in a past life to lead such a condemned one now.

            “Are you ready?” Ariel asked quietly. We were in the middle of one of our long, drawn out silences, content in just listening to our thoughts. Distantly I could hear the loud snores of the guard at the end of the hall.

            “No.” I responded truthfully. I knew exactly what she was referring to.

            “Just keep quiet, maybe they won’t know.” She suggested. I glanced at her bleakly, responding in a monotone voice.

            “And is it easy to keep quiet?” She glanced at him sadly.

            “No,” I knew that already. I’d been told from a very young age how the first time hurts. I’d also been told that I wouldn’t be alone when it happened. Well, we obviously hadn’t anticipated this. “But I’ll be here for you.” Maybe not totally alone.

            “Thank you.” Within the year I’d been here, I’d turned fourteen. I’d entered the common age where were’s shift for the first time.

            “Are you nervous?” I decided to answer truthfully.

            “No.” Maybe this will be the trigger that makes them decide to kill me.

            “We’ll make it through this.” Ariel said softly. I sighed and nodded numbly.

            “I know.”

Evan’s POV:

            “Goodmorning Alpha.” I nodded at a fellow pack member as I entered the kitchen. Spencer sat at the table with Lisa next to him chatting on animatedly. Taylor sat on Christopher’s lap, grinning happily at him.

            “Hello.” They all murmured when I walked in.

            “Where’s my sister?” Taylor peered over my shoulder.

            “Sleeping. She had a rough night.” I winced at the memory of her waking up sobbing.

            It’s been a year since Paige was taken and we’re still at square one. Sutton had finally accepted the fact that Paige was gone a few months ago but it’s still hard for her sometimes. She often woke up crying from bad dreams, dreams where Paige was dead and Sadie blamed her for her death. It hurt me to see my mate, my wife, in such pain. If I could, I’d take it all away and make her feel better.

            “I wonder if she’ll ever be able to fully get over it.” Taylor murmured, leaning into her mate’s touch. She met Christopher a few months ago and while they had a rocky start, they now reminded me of myself and Sutton we had first gotten together.

            “We’ll have to see.” I murmured. While there were only a few people that still worked on Paige’s cold case, most of the pack had gone on with their lives.

            “Well then, Spencer let’s go. We have that meeting with the Alpha from the Pacific Rush Pack.” Spencer nodded and leaned down to kiss Lisa’s head.

            “I’ll see you later dear.” She grinned up at him and nodded, walking past me presumably to wake up my mate. I sighed and followed Spencer out the door to the car.

            “How is she really doing?” Spencer asked softly as I started the car and drove towards the meeting house.

            “She’s sad. It’s not as bad as it was in the beginning but I can see that she’s still hurting. I don’t know if she’ll ever be fully complete but she’s definitely better than before.” Spencer nodded in understanding. Over the years, Spencer had grown to think of Sutton as the sister he had never had.

            “I’m sorry, this must be hard for you.”

            “Of course it is but I need to be strong for her. One of us has to be in control.” He nodded again. “Do you know what this meeting is about?”

            “Apparently a female from their pack was taken just a little while before Paige  and seeing as how she is the future Alpha’s mate, it’s important they find her.” Good luck with that.

            We’ve searched for Paige for a year and have come up with nothing. I’m beginning to think the little girl I learned to love is lost forever.

Paige’s POV:

            I gasped and shot up. The pain in my stomach was making it hard to breath and it felt like every nerve in my body was on fire. My eyes watered. This was it. This was the shift.

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