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                                    Chapter 2

Paige’s POV:

            “Alright, Lilah go!” Yolanda, the wedding planner, instructed. Lilah took Kevin’s arm and together, the two of them walked down the aisle. We waited ten seconds and then Kat went, followed by Elise, and then it was my turn.

            I stepped forward and took the arm of the guy that was standing opposite me. He was a lot older than me but smiled encouragingly. Before we stepped out, I turned to Sutton and smiled at her. She grinned back at me and even though you could tell she was nervous, anyone could also see the happiness bubbling up in her.

            “Go.” Yolanda hissed and I started forward, escorted by Greg. I didn’t know much about him other than the fact that he was new to the pack and had quickly become good friends with Evan.

            As we proceeded down the white carpet decorated with flower petals, I gazed up at Evan. His eyes were shining and he looked dashing in a black tux with a matching black tie. My mom had gotten pretty lucky with him. Sometimes it was almost gross have lovey dovey they were. I can’t really see myself acting like that with my mate if I ever found him. My mom said she was the same way but look how that turned out. Greg and I reached the end of the aisle and parted, he going to stand beside Evan while I took my place next to Elise. I watched as Claire drifted towards us followed by Taylor. Behind them Lisa stepped out and made her way towards us, Spencer escorting her. I smiled as I looked at the three of them. We all had the same dark blue bridesmaid dresses and our hair was up with the sides braided but we all somehow managed to look a little different. Then the music shifted, alerting us to the presence of the bride, and the crowd before us stood. I heard many audible gasps come through the crowd as Sutton stepped out on the arm of her father.

            Sutton and Evan had decided to get married outside and the warm August day didn’t disappoint. The setting sun provided a perfect warm, haze all around us and lit the tress on fire with a soft, golden light. The light found its way to Sutton and surrounded her in a glowing aura. She literally shined and I my eyes watered as she made her way down the aisle. Her hair was down and curled lightly, her make up light and a shade darker than natural. The dress fit her like a glove and her face remained uncovered by a veil. In the warm, summer sun, she looked absolutely breathtaking. I saw some members of the pack dabbing at their eyes, the sight of their Alpha female bringing them close to tears. Besides our entire pack, neighboring pack members had come to witness the wedding and you could pick out the awe struck look in their eyes. Everyone wore a smile and reciprocated the same loving look in their eyes and I felt a warmth spread through my body. My pack truly loved their Alpha’s and seeing this, their marriage, brought them a greater joy. Sutton and her dad got to the end of the aisle and the crowd sat as the ceremony started.

            Words of love were spoken and tears of happiness were shed by the crowd. This truly was a magical day for our massive pack. I remember this morning when I had seen everything being set up I’d gaped at the number of chairs being placed in rows. Our pack was already pretty big but with the addition of members of other packs, the place was packed. Though, it isn’t every day when the Alpha’s of one of the strongest packs in the country gets married. Everyone wants to be there to see it.

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