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Chapter 14

Paige’s POV:

            Those two words seemed to break her out of her daze. In the next second I was wrapped in her arms and enveloped in her unique sweet smelling scent. I buried my face in her shoulder and hugged her tightly, holding on to her like she was my lifeline. Tears continued to pour endlessly from my eyes as Sutton stroked my hair and murmured into my ear like she used to do when I was a child and had nightmares. After a long moment she pulled back but kept her hands on my shoulders, studying me with a smile.

            “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in shock.” She finally said. Gently, she ran her hand under my eyes, mopping up the wetness.

            “It’s been awhile.” I said, shrugging. Keeping her grip on me, she turned to look back at Evan with a slightly accusing tone.

            “How did you find her? When did you find her? Why was I not informed?” She demanded, glaring at him. He held his hands up, palms facing outward, and grinned sheepishly at her.

            “I wanted it to be a surprise?” His tone made it sound more like a question than a statement.

            “A surprise? Trust me, you succeeded.” She shook her head and faced me again. I fought the urge to laugh as she still looked simply stunned to see me standing before her.

            “Oh, stop hogging Sutton! I want a turn to hug her.” Taylor complained, rushing forward.

            I couldn’t help it. My body reacted on instinct. As soon as I processed the fact that someone was rushing towards me, I flinched and jumped behind Sutton. A low whimper escaped my mouth as I tried to control my erratic breathing. My heartbeat sped up as my palms began to sweat. Flashes of the guards running towards me in the middle of the night sprang to mind. Their cruel laughter and cynical grins had my stomach clenching. Almost as if it were inevitable, the rest of the memory played on in my mind. Their dirty hands pawing at my body, the harsh stench of their liquored breath. It was like having a nightmare while you were awake.

            I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them quickly, the searing brightness of the sun momentarily blinding me. As soon as the sunlight invaded my eyes and left me visionless for a few seconds, the faces of those men and the memories of those horrible nights left me. All I could see was a blinding white light. Eventually, though, my sight returned slowly as spots of black pealed back to show me the confused expressions of everyone standing on the porch. Taylor had stopped a few paces away from where I hid, cowering, and everyone else was staring at me. A mixture of hurt and surprise flitted across Taylor’s expression as she held still, watching me carefully. Guilt immediately filled me as I saw the sadness settle in her eyes. As much as I wanted to run up and hug her, the thought of anyone touching me brought back memories I’d rather forget. I’d practically had a panic attack every time the doctor checked my wounds.

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