Chapter 15

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             Chapter 15

Paige’s POV:

            My gaze connected with Sutton’s. Her face was blank as she waited but I could see the fear in her eyes that she was trying to hold back. The fear that what I had gone through was so horrible that she wouldn’t be able to help me overcome it. Which is partly true. After all the things I’ve seen, all the terrible things I’ve experienced, I know now that while a mother’s embrace is warm and comforting, it doesn’t shield you from the evils of the world. The thing that’s tricky is having to leave that safe cocoon. Eventually, one day, you’re going to have to stand on your own and face the world by yourself. Reality is, most people aren’t prepared for the harsh attitude the world has. Most people end up stumbling from the new experience of being independent. Some crawl back into their mother’s arms while others grin and bear it. Either way you go, there is always a sure thing you can count on. While you left the safety of her arms, your mother will always be there to hug you until you’re strong enough to stand up again.

            Which is why I decided to give her the truth, minus some details. Sutton is one of the strongest people I know, but if I told her the gruesome details of what really happened, I’m not sure she’d be able to look at me the same way. I didn’t want her to look in my eyes and be reminded of the unfortunate events that had been bestowed upon me. I knew that like any other mother, it hurts her when I’m in pain. I viewed my mother as the epitome of perfection, composed and graceful, insightful and understanding. A perfection that does not need to be tainted by my own pain. For that reason, I decided to leave out the worst of my captivity.

            “Well,” I began, Ariel looking on curiously. “We were only fed once a day and were only allowed to use the restroom when the guards decided they would get up and walk us to the bathroom. There were no windows in our cells, there were no sources of news. Just a calendar to let you know how long you had been wasting away. They felt that we needed to be educated, just in case they should ever be in need of us. It was very important that we do the work they provided us and it was of the upmost importance to pass the tests they gave. If you didn’t, then you were punished.” Ariel and I both looked away at the end. We had both been given our fair share of punishments. Now came the questions.

            “Were you allowed anywhere other than the bathroom or where you were kept?” Sutton asked.

            “No.” Truth.

            “Was there anyone else with you?”

            “Sometimes.” Truth.

            “What happened to them?”

            “I don’t know.” Somewhat true. While I never knew for sure, I had a sinking feeling that they were no longer alive.

            “These punishments, were they given frequently?”

            “No.” Lie. They were given more frequently than not.

            “When you say punishment, do you mean just a slap?” Sutton asked carefully.

            “Yes.” Lie. A slap, a punch, a deep cut from a blade. Whatever the guards felt like using that day.

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