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Chapter 26

James’ POV:

            Two guards stood at the door of the room Paige was and I tried to convince myself that she would be safe. I walked at a hurried pace to the front door where another four guards were stationed, each of the poised and ready to attack if needed. They nodded to me as I passed and opened the door. I stepped outside and was amazed at the sight in front of me. There was…


            If I didn’t know that we were being attacked then I would have thought it was a normal day. The front lawn was clipped perfectly with the flower beds blooming bright colored petals. Everything looked calm and peaceful, tranquil even. I knew better though. Just beyond the trees that bordered this perfect lawn there was a war raging. Both sides were sparing no mercy on their enemies, the only objective to kill or be killed.

            Without hesitation, I ripped my shirt off and jumped off the porch steps. I shifted mid jump and landed on the ground on all fours. Taking off towards the woods, I listened to the thoughts of my fellow pack members to see where help was needed the most. I saw other wolves running towards the woods as I neared the trees. I could only guess that they weren’t near when the attack first started and were just now getting here. Concentrating once again I listened to the thoughts of the wolves already in combat to see where I should go. After a minute I came across the rushed thoughts of a wolf that was fighting with two other pack members against six fully equipped hunters.

            Looks like that was where I was heading.

            I reeled to my left where the wolf in need was and took off, dodging between trees as I ran. By the time I got to the three wolves, they were being cornered by four hunters. I guess they had managed to take two down in the time it took me to get here. They were growling and snarling like mad bu tyou could see their fatigue. They all had patches of fur missing and scratches running down their body. The hunters each had weapons in their hands, some with knives dipped in metal while others had guns with metallic bullets. There was only one type of metal that could kill a werewolf and the hunters took full advantage of that. I didn’t hesitate and instead leapt at the hunter that was closest to me. His back was turned to me and he never saw me coming. We tumbled to the ground with me on top of him. He lost his grip on the knife he was holding and it landed a few feet away from us. His face registered shock before he quickly reached to the belt on his hip to grab a weapon. I didn’t give him the chance and instead used my teeth to pick him up and throw him against a tree. I could hear the other wolves gain their momentum back as they threw themselves at the remaining three wolves.

            I focused once more at the hunter standing before me. He was standing now with another knife in hand and a rather feral look in his eyes. Sometimes I thought hunters were more monster than a werewolf. I snarled and lunged forward, taking a bite out of his arm. He swung out with his knife as he groaned in pain. I skipped back and avoided the poisonous blade. Taking a few steps to the side, I jumped forward again and bit into him. This time his knife managed to nick my leg. I took a few steps back and growled. That wasn’t enough to wound me, only draw blood and hurt like a bitch. The hunter was clearly losing energy and blood as he had two large wounds, one on his arm and the other on his lower thigh. I smelled an easy victory.

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