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For some reason, this chapter was really hard for me to write. I honestly don't like this chapter so I may change it later. There are also probably a lot of mistakes because I wasn't paying close attention due to me being frustrated. There is one more chapter and then an epilogue and then that's it!

I can't recall if I've mentioned this but this is a trilogy and there will be a third and final book. It will be Claire's story. Her story will be very unique and very different. Many of you have been asking who her love interest and that will be revealed in the epilogue. I've seen one comment who guessed correctly so I encourage you guys to guess away. To answer the question I've been getting a lot of, yes you guys have met him. Any guesses?

Dedicated to JJR1897 for the terrific cover on the side. Thank you for making this and it looks awesome :)

Thank you to everyone who votes/comments/fans and to the silent readers!

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

P.S. This goes 6 months ahead


Chapter 30

*6 months  later*

Paige’s POV:

            I looked up as James and Aiden ran around me in circles, arguing as they went. I sighed, giving them a pointed glare. It wasn’t uncommon for the two to get rowdy and argue but it sure was irritating. James stopped immediately and gave me a sheepish smile, bending down to place a kiss on my cheek. Aiden stopped behind him and scoffed, mouthing wuss at me. I couldn’t stop the giggle that slipped out of my mouth and just like that, the two were at it again. Thankfully they ran down the aisle before disappearing into the next one.

            “Oh Lord, I could hear them all the way from across the store.” Nora huffed as she came to a stop next to me.

            “I’m sure the people across the street can hear them.” I commented, chuckling along with her.

            When I had finally decided to come out of my shell and stop being so afraid of the world and the people in it, it was a slow process. It took a lot of time before I could close my eyes and sleep with no nightmares and it took even more time for me to gain back the ability to trust. Even though it took a long while, my family was still there for me. They supported me and gave me space when I needed and bit by bit, I began to feel like I belonged again. James was relentless, never giving up on me. He has been my rock through everything and it didn’t take me long to figure out I wouldn’t get rid of him so easily. Through the last months, I gained not only my family back, but some unlikely friends.

            A little over a month after the attack that killed Ariel, I was re-introduced to the back. It hadn’t been big news since it had already been circulated that I was back. Sutton suggested that we do the ceremony earlier but I needed some more time to put myself back together before I was brought back into the pack. The ceremony consisted of me shifting into my wolf and then Evan biting my lightly, bringing the pack link to the forefront of my mind. After that, it was just like one big party. I couldn’t believe how many people had come to welcome me back. I never thought I would be missed by so many but it turns out, I was.

            It was expected that I would befriend the same people I was friends with before but it wasn’t hard for me to see that wouldn’t be possible. I was a different person back then, everything I had gone through had changed me and made me completely different. Once I realized my old friends hadn’t changed, they’d just grown up, I knew it wouldn’t work out. They would expect me to be the same happy, bubbly person that I was and it wasn’t possible. I needed to be friends with people that hadn’t known me from before and weren’t expecting anything of me. That’s where Nora and Aiden and everyone else came in. Originally James’ friends, they quickly accepted me into their group. While my family was my backbone through the last few months, my new friends were instrumental in cheering me up. Nora has become my closest friend, her softer and more nurturing nature a soothing influence in my emotional state. I’ll never forget Ariel and the friendship we had and there won’t be any other person that can take her place, but Nora was a different kind of friend. She was a quieter person by nature but also a strong leader. An odd combination but it was appealing to me nonetheless.

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