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Chapter 13

Paige’s POV:

            I practically bounced in my seat as I waited impatiently for Evan to get in the car. I’d barely slept the night before because I was too excited. I was finally going home! A place I thought I would never go back to. The grin on my face mirrored my emotions, showing exactly how happy I was to be going back. The two guards I was squished between glanced at me before looking at each other in a way that said can you believe this girl? I shot them both dirty looks before leaning forward so I could look out the window to see if Evan was coming yet. I watched as Ariel was led to the car waiting behind us. It was decided that she would come back with us to our pack and her pack would retrieve her then.

            He stood a few feet away from the car talking to a guy who had his back to me. My eyes widened slightly at the stranger. He looked hot even from the back! It made me curious to see his front side and see if his face was as beautiful as the rest of him. With his toned arms and tall form, he must have been. The sun shined happily down on his black hair and I couldn’t help but get this nagging feeling that he was somehow familiar. I tilted my head to the side as I tried to decide if I did indeed know him from somewhere and if I did, where had I seen him? All too soon, the two shook hands and Evan started towards the car. Mystery guy walked towards the matching black SUV and got in, never revealing his face.

            “Don’t you think this is a bit much?” I asked Evan when he got in the drivers seat, referring to the police style protection detail. Three matching black SUV’S with one in the front, our car in the middle, and the last behind our car.

            “I’m not taking any chances.” Evan muttered, starting the car as Spencer opened the door to get into the passenger’s seat.

            Just before he closed the door, a breeze made its way through the air, mixing up all of the scents. I stiffened when the same delicious scent from the night before became apparent, causing my wolf to get riled up. Scanning around, I didn’t see anyone outside nor did I see anything that could be the source of that mouthwatering smell. Evan and Spencer didn’t seem bothered by the smell and the two guards I sat between looked like they could care less. They wore the same slightly bored expression they had on when they were introduced to me this morning as my guards. Apparently Evan thought I should have not one but two people always with me. I was going to have to ask Sutton to talk some sense into him because there was no way I was walking around with those two.

            We drove on a nearly deserted road that only offered a treeless desert as a view. The sky was undecided between a light blue and a hazy grey. With no entertainment source I settled back into my seat and tried to fall asleep. Evan warned me this morning that the trip would take several hours and that it would be at least tomorrow morning before we were home. My mind wandered aimlessly, thinking over nothing and everything at the same time. I frowned slightly when I remembered my time spent being held in captivity, the punches and slaps I took when I did something wrong. On instinct, my pulse quickened as I thought about the faces of the cold men that had delivered the blows, one by one, each hit matched with an uncaring expression. Fear built up in the pit of my stomach, closing around me like a suffocating mist. It was like I was trapped in a terrifying state of being half awake and half asleep. Knowing that the nightmare you’re having isn’t real but feeling it so completely you begin to panic. My heartbeat picked up and my breaths became smothered under the weight of my fear. A soft probe at my wrist had me jerking up and breathing deeply.

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