Chapter 18

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I put James' POV in here but it isn't very long. Not to worry, he'll be returning in upcoming chapters but at the moment, I kind of want him to be a little more mysterious. I think Paige's POV will occur more than his instead of the two of them having the same number of POV's. I've previously done that and it worked out well but this time I want to keep you guessing at his thoughts so just a warning for you guys, he'll be in the story a lot but his POV won't be as frequent as Paige's.

I don't know if I'll be able to upload before Friday because I have a lot of big tests coming up and I've been studying and preparing so I've been really busy.

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            Chapter 18

James’ POV:

            Warmth flitted through my entire body making it feel light and calm and all because of the little female in my arms. Her body quaked and shook as she tried to calm herself.  I didn’t understand her earlier words. I feel sorry for you for having me as your mate. Why would she ever think she was a bad mate to have? I would have rushed to her side the second she awoke in the hospital room but Evan warned me to stay away until she was stronger. It had taken everything in me to not burst into the room and cling to her. I had come close, even knocking on the door only to be met by Evan. I understood his point, I really did, but it was damn hard to stay away from the single person who held the key to my sanity. After everything that had happened to her it was blatantly clear that she was as fragile as glass. I would never do anything to frighten or harm my raven haired mate but it was certainly hard to stay away from her.

            I’ve never been like the other guys around my age solely because I’ve never not wanted a mate. Most of my friends could care less about finding their soul mate while I’ve craved nothing more. I’d seen the love my parents shared before they passed and it never ceased to amaze me how much a person could love another. I’m not saying I’ve never dated because I have, those girls just never meant anything to me. I always knew they weren’t my mate so it wasn’t going to go anywhere serious which resulted in an easygoing relationship. I honestly hadn’t expected to find my mate sooner rather than later but I was certainly glad that I had found Paige.


            What a beautiful name, a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl. Her hair was ink black while her skin was a creamy pale. Like a modern day Snow White. Though her eyes were a vibrant sapphire blue, they held such sadness in their depths it was like an ice pick to my heart. I didn’t know what had happened to her in the past few years but it was clear she’d been through a lot. As beautiful as her face was, it too looked worn and tired. The face of a girl who’d seen too much.

            “I’m sorry.” Her voice broke the silence and I realized her body had calmed and she was no longer crying. Paige pulled away and took several steps back, her eyes wide with shock. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

            “Done what Paige?” I started to take a step towards her but stopped when I saw her flinch. I tried to mask the hurt that I knew flashed across my face.

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