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                                    Chapter 19

Paige’s POV:

            The sun shining in through the windows outlined her and made her appear calm and tranquil. Just as I remembered. Taylor had always been the loud, gregarious sister while Claire was content to be the introvert. Her brown locks were longer than before but still had that luminous shine that I always envied. While her face had aged over the years, she was certainly still a beautiful girl with cutting green eyes. Her eyes were always my favorite thing about her. Deep and jade green with a sparkle of insight swirled in their depths. If you were to just look at her eyes only you would easily be able to tell she knew more than perhaps you’d like her too.

            “My God he wasn’t kidding.” She finally murmured.

            “What?” Was my genius response. I hadn’t noticed her shocked expression until now.

            “But you’re dead. That’s what everyone always said.” She spoke almost to herself.

            “I can assure you I’m alive.” I took a hesitant step forward and watched her carefully. A part of me wanted to hug her while the other half was still hesitant to touch people.

            Claire made the decision.

            A smile suddenly swept over her face and tears filled her eyes. Letting out a choked sob, she ran forward and hugged me tightly to her. I forced my tenses muscles to relax and took a deep breath, inhaling her familiar scent. I could hear her sobs and wrapped my arms around her small waist in comfort. It must be entirely shocking and confusing to have someone you thought was dead stand before you and confirm that they were indeed, still alive. Claire ran her hand through my black tresses and continued to hug me to her. This was probably the most emotional welcome home I’d gotten.

            “You ok there?” I asked when she finally pulled away. Even with mascara streaks and red, puffy eyes, Claire was still quite pretty. I found myself wondering if she had a mate and if so, who. I was suddenly swarmed with a lot of questions as I remembered the numerous hints that Claire hadn’t been around the pack very much lately.

            “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It’s just, I thought you were gone for so long and then I get a call from Evan last night saying he was bringing you home. I was on the next flight within an hour and came straight to the house.” I frowned when she said she’d come straight here after her plane. It was mid-day. Where was she that it would have taken so long to fly here?

            “I believe we have a lot to talk about. I have a lot of questions for you missy.” I teased. She visibly stiffened before nodding reluctantly.

            “I suppose we do.” She muttered.

            We both climbed onto my bed and settled ourselves against the headboard. I’d always been closer to Taylor when I was younger but I couldn’t help but be struck by how nice it felt to see Claire. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed her until I saw her again. Her green eyes flicked over me as if she was trying to rememorize me.

            “So what happened while I was gone?” I edged.

            “Why don’t we talk about how Evan found you?” I didn’t miss the way she skirted around my question. I also didn’t miss the way she frowned and shifted uncomfortably.

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