Chapter 17

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I've already asked this in my other author's note for Rightfully His but not all of you read that story so I want to make sure I get feedback from fans from both books. I'm going to come out with a new story as soon as I finish Rightfully His but I'm stuck between writing a human story or another werewolf story. It will of course be a love story but I haven't decided on whether it will be paranormal. I don't want you to get tired of werewolf stories but I do enjoy writing them though writing a human story wouldn't be bad either. I feel you can do more with paranormal stories but I'm going to leave it up to you. I would appreciate it very much if you commented or messaged me or posted on my wall what type of story you think I should do. I write for my fans so I really want your input:)

I decided to keep Drew Roy as James because he apparently has a lot of fans on Wattpad that demand he play James. The more I thought about it the more I realized that he does fit the description of James so all of Drew Roy fans, calm down! He's staying ;)

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                                                Chapter 17

Paige’s POV:


            That’s all there was. It wasn’t an awkward silence nor was it a pleasant silence. Just…silence.

            We stood there and observed each other quietly. Before I’d only caught glimpses of him; his back, the side of his face. Yet here he stood, facing me full on. If I had thought the glimpses of him were appetizing, his full form was severely mouthwatering. I had trouble keeping my mouth from dropping open in pure lust. I hadn’t ever expected to have a mate, much less meet him, and yet I happen to get paired up with possibly the sexiest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t help but begin to pity him for getting stuck with me, someone who is used and has nothing to offer.

            Dazzling blue eyes regarded me carefully, his face schooled to perfection. I couldn’t quite tell what was going through his mind because he kept his face as expressionless as possible. And what a beautiful face it was. Ok, beautiful isn’t really a good way to describe him, although he certainly was that. Angled cheekbones were prominent on his tan face and dark black hair sprouted from his head. Cut short and styled in that casual yet sexy bedhead appearance, he was definitely not hard to look at. He stood well over my rather short height, probably in the six foot range. My eyes moved down to his muscled chest and it was all I could do to remain standing. Oh yeah, he definitely spent some quality time at the gym. Muscles packed his abdomen, the hard ridges just begging for me to reach out and run my hands over them. I almost swooned when I caught sight of the faint trail of hair that circled his navel and then made a path downwards, disappearing into his grass stained jeans. It was known that werewolves were almost always somewhat good looking but he was just….wow.

            A deep chuckle had my eyes snapping back up to meet his, a blush coating my face when I realized he’d caught me staring. A sly smirk appeared across his face, smugness setting in. I frowned and hoped he wasn’t the conceited, arrogant type. I blushed a deeper red when I caught his eyes slowly moving down my body, the unmistakable telltale signs of lust lighting his eyes. When he had finally gotten back up to my face, he smirked again although there seemed to be a genuine happy glint in his eyes. Why he would be happy, I don’t know. I mean, who would want me as a mate?

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