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Be prepared guys, this is the last chapter of this book so it requires a long sappy author's note. (At least, I know that's how mine is because I'm a sappy person). I thought I'd do this in letter form to make it a little unique.

To my dearest readers, 

I hope you guys enjoy this epilogue because I felt this was a good place to end it. It's a bit unusual from how I usually end my stories but I can't imagine ending this story any other way. 

This story has been so rewarding to write because it touched on so many different aspects and it involved so many different emotions. To be honest, this story went in a completely different direction that I thought it would. I'm glad it did, though, because it means that I went with my gut and wrote what I really thought was best for the story.

I hope you guys know that every chapter and every character and every scene was written with everything I had in me. I don't ever want to be an author who writes without meaning just to get something out there. This whole story was both for me and you and I want to thank you guys from the very bottom of my heart for voting and commenting and fanning and most of all, for simply reading. I adore you guys and I really hope that you continue on the the third and last book in the I'm Sorry,... trilogy.


(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

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7 years later

Paige’s POV:


            My fingers lightly traced the name etched on the stone. I smiled softly as I recalled all my memories of her and dropped my hand slowly. The bright yellow of the flowers I brought stood out from the healthy green of the grass. Unlike that gloomy day almost eight years ago, the sun was shining happily and the sky was as blue as the ocean. My body felt perfectly tranquil as I enjoyed the slight breeze flitting through the air. Not many people would say this but coming here, talking to her, was one of my favorite things to do.

            And it was something I did often.

            “Hey Ariel.” I whispered, still smiling.

            I’ve grown up so much during the last few years and lots of changes had been made but this was one of the things that didn’t change. I visited her at least once every month and always filled her in on what was going on in my life. I liked to think that somewhere, wherever she was, she was listening and smiling with me. Lately, however, my visiting schedule had been disrupted and I hadn’t come in a few months.

            “I know it’s been awhile since I’ve visited but things have just been so busy. I told you about the move last time I was here but I hadn’t anticipated it taking this long.” I shook my head at James’ antics.

            James and I had lived in our comfortable apartment for seven wonderful years but eventually we decided that it was time to move into a house. Having the picky mate that I do, no homes in the area were suitable for him so he decided we would just build one for ourselves. While he was the Alpha’s third in command, he was also a construction manager by day. His “our house will be built in three months” motto quickly escalated to “our house will be built in six months”. Needless to say, it’s been eight months and we were just now moving in. I will admit the long wait was worth it as our house was spacious and very homey. It had the best of both James and I built into it, with both of our personal tastes incorporated into it. The best thing however, was that James had made sure we were close to the pack house and close to my family.

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