Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Paige’s POV:

            I waited with bated breath as Claire seemed to take a moment to draw up the resolve to tell her story. Sutton and Lisa wore sympathetic expressions while Taylor only looked lost. She glanced at the door and then back at Claire before looking longingly back to the door. Claire glanced at Taylor with a pained look on her face before nodding her head to the door of the adjoining bathroom. Taylor gave me a small smile before practically sprinting towards the door. She rushed into the bathroom and closed the door and locked it. A second later the bathroom fan turned on and water started running.

            “What is she doing?” I questioned, clearly puzzled.

            “Christian is her mate. Listening to this, what Claire has to say, is hard for her.” Sutton explained quietly.

            “Can’t she still hear us?” Werewolf sense were strong and I doubted a fan and some water would be enough to block us out since we were in the next room.

            “The water and fan will dim out our conversation so she won’t be able to hear it as much. I’m guessing she’ll be trying her best not to listen to us so she probably won’t hear much of our conversation.” Sutton replied as she took a seat next to Lisa on the floor. They rested against their backs against the wall while looking weary.

            “Alright, begin.” I addressed Claire. She bit her lip and nodded slowly.

            “I met Christian my first year of college. We were both majoring in business and since our college was so small, we had a lot of the same classes together. He was the cocky, loud wise ass in the class while me being me, was a bit more reserved. I didn’t appreciate his interruptions of the teachers and I certainly didn’t appreciate the constant stream of flirting. It wasn’t until we were partnered up that I began to see him in a new light.” Claire smiled softly as she twisted her hands together. “He was smarter than I gave him credit for he actually ended up being a really funny and sweet guy. After we finished our assignment we stayed friends.”

            “So you guys were just really good friends?” I interrupted.

            “Well if you’d let me finish,” Claire laughed at my embarrassed expression before continuing. “We stayed friends for a few years and it wasn’t until the end of our junior year of college that we started dating. It was natural to be in a relationship as we already had so much in common and we got along great. We dated all the way until the end of our college years. I was very much in love with him and at the time, he loved me. Everything was great and almost two years later that we got engaged. The both of us hadn’t found our mates yet and we assumed that we never would. We were in love and so we decided to get married.”

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