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Chapter 22

Paige’s POV:

            “Just pick one already!” Lisa snapped. Sutton turned to give her a scathing glare before resuming her previous action.

            “It’s important that I choose the right one.” Sutton muttered, tapping her chin as she gazed at the rows in front of us.

            “What right pregnancy test is there?” Lisa muttered, holding her hands up in surrender when Sutton gave her another glare.

            “It has to be accurate and precise. I have to be able to be sure that the result it right. But how am I supposed to know if it’s the most trusted brand? These companies have people who specialize in getting people to buy their product, of course they’re going to say it’s the most trusted brand. They want them to buy the product!” Sutton suddenly had a slightly panicked look on her face that had be shifting to the other foot. This was probably the third panic attack she’d had since we walked into the store.

            “Alright, we don’t have time for this.” Lisa gritted out, lightly shoving Sutton to the side. “Let’s see here.”

            I watched as her eyes roamed over the shelves that held pregnancy tests before she sighed and shrugged. Holding the shopping basket in one arm, she used the other to swipe one row of boxes off the shelf into the basket. Proceeding to do it to the other two shelves, she nodded with satisfaction when the shopping basket was almost overflowing with carious tests. There had to be almost twenty pregnancy tests in the basket! Without saying anything, Lisa grabbed Sutton’s arm and dragged her a few isles over to the food and drink section. With no hesitation, Lisa grabbed a small case of water before marching to the cash register.

            “Nervous to get your answer?” The grocery lady asked as she rang up our items.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe.” Sutton murmured, quickly paying and grabbing the bags.

            To say the car ride was tense and awkward would be an understatement. The whole ride home, Sutton switched between chugging a bottle of water to nervously inspecting her fingers. I already knew Sutton would be a great mom when the time arose, but at the moment I questioned whether now was the right time. Having a career outside of being Luna was always important to Sutton, and having a kid right certainly wouldn’t be ideal. Something told me that even if she was pregnant right now she would still be a fantastic mother.

            Lisa pulled up in front of the house, excuse me mansion, and parked the car. Sutton jumped out of the car with the bag of tests slung over her arm. I trailed after her with Lisa on my heels, all three of us being careful to avoid people. It was clear Sutton didn’t want news of her pregnancy getting out until it was confirmed and she’d talked it over with Evan. Opening the front door, we were greeted with the clanging of dishes and talking coming from the back of the house where everyone else must have been eating. Sighing a breath of relief, Sutton motioned for us to follow her up the stairs to her bedroom.

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