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                        Chapter 10

Paige’s POV:

            I struggled against the hunter’s hold, kicking my legs up. He grunted and squeezed my arms tighter causing me to flinch in pain. I could distinctly hear the muffled sounds of Ariel as she continued to fruitlessly get out of her captor’s grasp. My wild mass of black hair clouded my face making it hard to see what was going on. I was aware of the fact that we were now outside but other than that, I couldn’t tell what got the hunters so riled up.

            The moment we stepped outside my wolf stirred within me, growling lowly. I could feel her stalk to life as she tried desperately to make sense of the flashes of color I could see through my hair. I held confusion and curiosity towards her actions because she never acts this way. I could feel how excited she was, the feeling almost tangible. My brow creased as she begged me to push my hair out of my face and look up. I did as she asked, though, and flipped my hair over my shoulder. The moment I got a clear look at what surrounded me, I almost cried.

            Dozens of wolves lined the edge of the woods, fur bristled and ready to attack. The hunters all stood tall and firm, pointing meaningless weapons at the pack of wolves that could so clearly take them down. This was it. This was my wish, the dream I’ve had ever since I first got locked up. I was going to be rescued and hopefully with the help of the wolves in front of me I would be reunited with my pack, my family. I allowed my eyes to roam over the wolves in front of me, their fur colors ranging from dusty grey to auburn brown to one midnight black wolf. I paused on that wolf, sensing its familiarity. Its eyes were focused on me and I couldn’t help but feel like I knew the human behind the black fur. Looking around again, I realized he must have been the Alpha because all the other wolves were looking to him as if waiting for directions. All the wolves but one.

            The one standing just to the right of the black wolf kept it’s gaze locked on me, studying me closely. I marveled at its sheer beauty and impressive size. Its large form was clothed in a deep, shimmering grey, almost silver. Dark green eyes peered at me curiously, the tip of his tail shaking slightly as a breeze blew through. With it, the breeze brought the most delicious scent in the world. Try smelling you’re favorite food in the whole world and multiply that by ten, add just a bit of muskiness and the scent of pine trees and you’ll smell a fraction of what was currently lighting my blood on fire. Absolutely mouthwatering.  My wolf yipped for happiness in me, practically prancing around doing the happy dance. I froze when I heard the one word that had made her so ecstatic.


            Everything began to happen so suddenly, it was hard to see who moved first. The line of wolves rushed forward while the hunters methodically reached for their weapons and yielded them. My attention was attracted to the two wolves that rushed towards me and the single hunter holding me. Just before the leaped I felt one of the hunters hands slide from holding me around my waist as a shield to reach for something in his back pocket. A second later two things happened, each only a mille-second apart. The black wolf landed and pounced on the hunter but before that, something sharp and cool entered my ribcage, robbing me of my breath. I looked down to find my dirty blue shirt was quickly changing colors to a dark brown as red liquid seeped from my side. I fell just as the silver wolf came upon me.

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