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Just a warning, this chapter delves a little more into Paige's life when she was held captive and it is a little heavier so beware. 

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Chapter 28

Paige’s POV:

            We’re all going to die.

            Believe it or not, but that was the first thought I had in my mind. It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough faith in the pack to defend us, it was because I knew how determined the hunters can be. They didn’t stop until they got what they wanted. What they wanted? Me dead. Conveniently for the hunters, I happen to be in the same room as the Alpha’s mate and her family. They wouldn’t pass up the chance to kill us all because it would cripple Evan and the rest of the pack.

            We all winced when another loud crash shattered the silence.

            “What do we do?” Lisa whispered, disbelief coloring her voice.

            “Prepare ourselves.” Sutton finally said, her hand coming to rest on her stomach.

            We waited with bated breaths and listened to the growls and gunshots that echoed throughout the house. Each time I heard a shot fired, my heart clenched, hoping the bullet had missed its target. The footfalls and gunshots gradually came closer and closer, the hunters moving in on us. I shut my eyes and felt the breath leave my body when I heard a loud, petrified scream.


            “Paige, stop!” Sutton yelled as I bolted from my position and fled the room.

            Ignoring Sutton’s calls, I ran through the halls toward the sounds of my friend struggling. My eyes watered even more as I ran through the house. Bodies crowded the floor, human and werewolf alike. The gut wrenching smell of smoke and blood assaulted my nose as I passed the lifeless people. The room Ariel was put in wasn’t far which thankfully numbered the amount of bodies I had to see. By the time I made it to the source of the screams, I was breathes and panicked.

            The sight laid out in front of me had me horror stuck.

            Hunters were scattered around the room, poised and ready to strike. Each sported a nice sized weapon with a malicious glint accessorizing their eyes. What struck me most were the small grins and smirks present on their face. It was sickening how much they got a kick out of this. In the middle of the room, a small group of werewolves sat in the middle of the room with expressions ranging from fear to anger. Next to the window there were two hunters restraining a struggling werewolf. After a second I realized the furious wolf was Peter. I followed his gaze and took a step back when I realized who stood there. Ariel’s tear streaked face looked back at me as she fought against her assailant. Her assailant, the very same person that kept me imprisoned for years grinned back at me.

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