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Sorry for the long wait, I've been crazy busy lately. I know these uploads don't come as often as my other story but I promise there's only three or four more chapters left of Rightfully His and then this story will be uploaded more often. 

I've been thinking of changing the guy that's supposed to be James (Paige's mate) so if you have any ideas, please let me know by messaging or commenting. It would be a big help. I envision him with black hair, tan skin, and let's just say, very good looking (:

LostLilGurl, I tried my best to put your idea in there while fitting it to the story. I hope you enjoy the kitchen ;)

Thank you to everyone who votes and comments and fans even though I take forever and a day to upload. I really do apologize

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)


                        Chapter 16

Paige’s POV:

            I stood, rooted to the spot, and watched as my mate continued to chat with his friends. A loud burst of laughter erupted from the group and reached my ears. I wondered idly which laugh belonged to him. The light, musical one? The loud, confident hoot? Perhaps the deep chuckle. My curiosity on what they were talking about spiked when two of the guys suddenly tumbled to the ground and started wrestling. Concern grew in me as one of the guys was slammed onto the grass while the other one remained on top of him, pinning him to the ground. In the next second, the guy on the ground had flipped over and thrown the other guy off of him. I watched, fascinated, as the two wrestled around before standing up to allow to different guys to have a go at it.

            I leaned closer when the black haired god stepped forward to grapple with a sandy haired boy. The rest of the guys crowded around them and watched eagerly as sandy haired guy made the first move and lunged. I gasped as the two of them flew to the ground, landing hard on the floor. My wolf whined when the other guy landed a blow to my mate’s stomach causing me to wince. That, however, proved to be the only punch the sandy haired guy landed. Over the next few minutes, I watched as my mate proved himself to be quite a warrior. I almost felt bad for his opponent as he landed blow after blow, his movements quick and fluid. There was almost a gracefulness to the way he fought, like he knew exactly what he was going to do and was sure of himself. The two stood from their position on the floor after my mate successfully pinned the sandy haired boy to the ground for at least a minute. Good naturedly, they shook hands and slapped each other on the back in that man-hug thing guys do. What they did next, well that had my eyes widening in shock.

            “Oh my.” I gasped, staring heatedly at my now shirtless mate.

            He’d taken off his white shirt to reveal a tanned and toned body underneath. Even from my rather far distance I could see the muscles he had. He was muscular, but not in the overly muscular bodybuilder way. He had just enough muscle to suggest he spent a fair amount of time at the gym. My eyes widened even more when the rest of the guys followed suit and threw their shirts to the ground, none of them bothered by the fact that they were standing around half naked. Although, I will admit, I wasn’t exactly complaining.

            A  light breeze drifted through the air and I was once again slammed with his heavenly scent. He stiffened and cocked his head to the side, almost as if he were sniffing the air. I quickly ducked out of sight when he turned in my direction. Pressing my back to the wall, I remained out of sight and bit my lip. Had he seen me? My heart raced in my chest as I tried to steady my heartbeat. I didn’t want him to think I was weird or something for standing there like a complete idiot watching him and his friends. Now that I play it back, it does sound sort of creepy. Taking a deep breath, I carefully peeked around the wall and looked out the open window. He’d turned back to his friends but there was still a slight stiffening in his shoulders. I returned back to my original place and continued to watch him. As much as my wolf begged me to run to him, my nerves got the better of me so I kept still and remained invisible.

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